Training Assessments

Cleaning serves two major roles in any organisation: to improve the appearance for staff, visitors, customers, and the public, and to reduce the risk of injury to those people and to the fabric of the building. Cleaning has such a tremendous, direct, and often immediate impact on the organisation, that poor cleaning standards could very likely to lead to costly complaints, poor image and reputation, inefficiencies and waste. The effects of these problems can be seen throughout the organisation.

Training is an important facilitator to deliver improvements or change in an organisation, but training alone without sufficient planning will often have no effect on the productivity or quality of the cleaning. What is needed is an understanding of the capability and competency of the staff before assigning them to a training programme, then an assessment post training to measure the effectiveness of the training.

At Cleaning Masterclass we offer training needs assessment prior to development of a training programme and post-training assessments to measure capability and ability of delegates. If you have an existing training programme, we can assess the effectiveness of the training materials and delegates.

Types of Assessments

Workplace capability assessments – assessing physical capability following illness or injury as part of a return to work process

Skills assessment – assessing both physical cleaning skills and techniques and knowledge in cleaning and hygiene practices.

Pre training assessments – conducting a training needs analysis to identify knowledge and skills gaps and shortfalls. A training programme is then designed and implemented to meet those needs

Post training assessments – on the job or classroom based assessments following completion of a training programme to evaluate delegate skills and abilities

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