We have conducted hundreds of informal and formal cleanliness and hygiene audits in many different organisations, everything from homes to hospitals. One of the most common observations we have documented is the lack of consistent cleaning standards in bathrooms....

We were instructed to investigate the cause of a pupil slipping on a main corridor in a large school. Although the incident thankfully didn’t result in serious injuries, it was sufficiently serious to warrant a hospital visit....

An operations manual sounds like just another management document that once written never sees the light of day. Just another document to fulfil the quality management systems requirements as set out in ISO 9001. While this is largely true for company policy documents and mission...

Workplace capability assessments – assessing physical capability following illness or injury as part of a return to work process Skills assessment – assessing both physical cleaning skills and techniques and knowledge in cleaning and hygiene practices. Pre training assessments – conducting a training needs analysis to identify...

The domestic cleaning market in the UK is estimated to be worth nearly £3 billion, with more than 2.45 million households using some form of paid assistance in their home[1] It is highly likely that these figures seriously underestimate the true extent of the breadth...

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