Cleaning Instruction Cards

The Cleaning Instruction Cards (CIC) are a handy set of printable instruction cards, designed to provide practical cleaning instruction and health and safety guidance to cleaning and housekeeping staff.


Onsite training is the gold standard of all training options, but it does come with some drawbacks, it’s often the most expensive option, there is very little follow-up training, and there’s often a degree of inflexibly in terms of scheduling the training. In an ideal world, training should be onsite, practical and ongoing, not just one session. Our Cleaning Instruction Cards are the answer! They deliver practical-based instruction in all the cleaning techniques and practices in a handy printable form that can be used over and over again.

The Cleaning Instruction Cards are available as either packages for specific cleaning industries or as custom packages tailored to your specific cleaner training needs. Our complete library of Cleaning Instruction Cards is quite extensive and increasing, covering many different and newer cleaning techniques and other health and safety advice.

Not only that, the packages can be customised and made unique to the company so they can be tightly integrated with existing internal training programmes and operations manuals. We can also supply trainer guidance to help develop and deliver internal training sessions.

They are ideal for trainers and supervisors to deliver:

Cost effective alternative to onsite training

Induction and onboarding training

On-going internal training

Assistance to on-the-job training

Full Customisation

Our Cleaning Instruction Cards can fit into your cleaning operations, no matter the industry

These cards are fully customisable to your own colour-coding system, your own detergent and dilution and even your choice of equipment. All you do is simply tick the appropriate PPE and colour code tick box, and write in the equipment and detergent you use (including the dilution) in the relevant text boxes.

Each package can be printed and put into use straight away, however, why not make your own package? Your own complete package that is tailored to your organisation’s exact needs.

We can offer you the following:

Your company logo on every page

Additional cards covering specific or unique cleaning techniques

Additional cleaning plans covering specific rooms and areas

Additional health and safety guidance

Cleaning Product and Equipment tables

Any company policy documentation

Want FULL customisation? We can supply the pack in MS Word format, allowing you complete editing control.

Printable Cleaning Instruction Cards


Not sure where our Cleaning Instruction Cards can fit in?

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Printable and customisable cleaning instruction cards, designed to provide practical cleaning instruction and health and safety guidance to cleaning and housekeeping staff.

New Cleaning Business

Starting a new cleaning business is quite an anxious but an exciting time. However, the new business owner is faced with a few problems: cash flow is tight until there is a regular turnover and the new cleaning staff have no working experience in the new business. As the business owner you know how important reputation is and how important customer satisfaction is.

You want to make sure that all cleaners are trained to how you want them to act and to the cleaning standards you expect them to achieve. Our Cleaning Instruction Cards are ideal in this situation as a cost effective way to deliver training to the cleaners as part of your own cleaning operations documentation. The cards can be used by supervisors to provide the initial induction training to new staff on location and then periodic refresher training.

Old and New Cleaning Staff

All cleaning businesses and organisations employing cleaners will at some point have cleaning staff with a wide range of experience working in the organisation, anything from a few days to several years, even decades. This situation brings many problems, notably the resistance to change and the spread of bad habits.

The most common solution is to institute a single training programme that covers all staff regardless of experience, and an assessment programme to ensure bad habits don’t creep back in. Our Cleaning Instruction Cards are ideal in this situation as a custom package of cards provide clear instructions in all the areas the staff work in and all the techniques they use to clean. These cards can be used by your own trainers to create your own internal training sessions.

Cleaning Staff Handbook

Staff handbooks are quite common for agency and employed cleaning staff, mainly in domestic and housekeeping work. Handbooks provide a convenient way for the organisation to give all important employment information, important emergency details, and company policy and rules.

More often than not the handbook is read once and then left in a cupboard, not to be seen again. Some handbooks are digital now accessible through an online staff portal. Either way, it’s a wasted opportunity. Our Cleaning Instruction Cards are ideal in either printed or as a digital download to deliver concise practical knowledge and instruction that can be tailored to the exact needs of the organisation.

Existing On-The-Job Training

Cleaning is a highly practical skill that is developed through instruction-demonstration-practice-evaluation process. The more this takes place on location or ‘on-the-job’ in a controlled and repeated way, the more successful the training will be.
Our Cleaning Instruction Cards provide the trainer with all the practical knowledge and instruction they need in a logical way, but we can also supply optional trainer guidance to help them plan and develop training sessions. These cards with our Train-the-Trainer course and 12 months support for new trainers will get your internal training programme off to a great start.

Cleaning Franchise

Cleaning franchises, especially domestic cleaning franchises, are one of the most popular and successful franchises. What attracts prospective franchisees are the low initial costs and relatively low running costs, with the promise of a high return. However, the franchise is only as good as the quality of the cleaning work, and this is where a great many cleaning franchises fall short – Our Cleaning Instruction Cards solve this problem. The cards can be branded and added to the franchise operations manual, and then used by internal trainers to provide regular training sessions.


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How To Buy

We have several packages for cleaners in different industries ready to be used for training. All you need to do is get in contact with us, tell us the type of cleaning your staff undertake (domestic, office, healthcare cleaning, etc) and any specific cleaning tasks they do. The cost we provide covers all your cleaning staff in the organisation.

Office and general janitorial cleaning instruction cards

Office, Retail & General Janitorial

For use in all office cleaning, shop and retail unit cleaning, and light commercial cleaning

Domestic and Housekeepers Cleaning Instruction Cards

Domestic and Housekeepers

For use in professional domestic cleaning, hotel, AirBnB and holiday home cleaning

Care Home and Residential Cleaning Instruction Cards

Care and Residential Homes

For use in residential care home cleaning, community care cleaning where infection control is critically important.

Early Years Educational Facilities

For use in cleaning in nurseries, kindergartens, pre-school and other educational facilities.

Routine and Deep Cleaning of Professional Kitchens

Routine & Deep Kitchen Cleaning

For use in all commercial kitchens, covering routine and deep cleaning.

Schools, Colleges and Universities

  • Basic

    • Non-custom branded
    • PDF file ready to print
    • Write your own colour-coding, equipment and products
    • All for a one-off cost of £50

  • Intermediate

    • Fully branded with a logo on every page
    • PDF file ready to print
    • Write your own colour-coding, equipment and products
    • All for a one-off cost of £100

  • Customised

    • Microsoft Word format for FULL customisation of content
    • Additional cards covering specialist and unique procedures and policy
    • £150 – Please contact us to request a quote for unique or additional cards

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We can provide you with a package of Cleaning Instruction Cards, customised to your company or organisation, to meet the needs of your working environment.


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Cleaning Instruction Card Library

  • Essential Cleaning Principles and Techniques

    • Impact of Cleaning
    • Cleaning as a Process
    • Cleaning Standards
    • Cleaning Plans – Putting Everything Together
    • Good Housekeeping Practices – 6 S’s
    • Good Housekeeping Practices – What To Look For
    • When To Change The Solution
    • Attention To Detail
    • Quality in Cleaning
    • Why Rinsing is Essential
    • Wet Cleaning
    • Damp Cleaning/Damp Dusting
    • 4-Sides of a Cloth
    • Mopping Technique
    • Wet Mopping
    • Damp Mopping
    • Vacuum Cleaning
    • Disinfecting a Surface

  • Floor Cleaning Techniques

    • Floor Cleaning Workflow
    • Corridor Cleaning Workflow
    • Floor Cleaning & Buffing Pads
    • Double Bucket Floor Cleaning
    • Machine Floor Buffing
    • Machine Floor Scrubbing
    • Floor Scrubber-Drier
    • Floor Seal Stripping
    • Applying Floor Seal
    • Cleaning Laminated & Wooden Floors
    • Deep Cleaning Ceramic Tiled Floors
    • Deep Cleaning Ceramic Tiles & Grout
    • Grout Whitening
    • Carpet Cleaning (Wet Extraction)
    • Floor Cleaning Using Steam

  • Cleaning Techniques Specfic to Area

    • Care of Delicate and Antique Surfaces
    • Polishing & Restoring Decorative Metals
    • Ceiling Cleaning
    • Ceiling & Wall Lights Cleaning
    • Using a Pressure Washer
    • Wall & Hi-Level Cleaning
    • Tiled & Waterproof Wall Cleaning
    • Air Vents and Extraction Fans
    • Cleaning Corridors
    • Cleaning Windows
    • Cleaning Small-Paned Windows and Mirrors
    • Using a Steam Cleaner
    • Cleaning TV’s, Monitors, Interactive Screens and Other Displays
    • Cleaning Computer Keyboards
    • Removing Chewing Gum
    • Removing Graffiti
    • Cleaning Toilets
    • Cleaning Sinks & Taps
    • Descaling a Surface
    • Cleaning Showers
    • Cleaning Baths
    • Cleaning Stairs
    • Cleaning Ovens (Domestic and Commercial)
    • Cleaning Microwave Ovens (Domestic and Commercial)
    • Cleaning Refrigerators & Freezers
    • Cleaning Stainless Steel (non-polished)
    • How to Make the Perfect Bed
    • Removing Chewing Gum
    • Removing Graffiti
    • Cleaning Mattresses (Wet and Dry)
    • Cleaning Sofas and Couches (Wet and Dry)

  • Cleaning Plans by Area

    • Cleaning En-suite Bedroom/Hotel Bedroom
    • Cleaning Toilet Block/Washrooms (Public and Commercial)
    • Cleaning Kitchens (Domestic & Light Commercial)
    • Cleaning Kitchens (Commercial)
    • Deep Clean (Isolated) Room Cleaning
    • Cleaning Toilets
    • Cleaning Bedrooms
    • Cleaning Living Rooms & Other General Domestic Rooms
    • Cleaning Operating & Surgical Rooms
    • Cleaning Isolation Rooms (hospitals)
    • Cleaning Vacated/Terminal Rooms (hospitals)
    • Cleaning Ward Bays & Side Rooms (hospitals)
    • Cleaning All General & Low Risk Rooms (hospitals)
    • Cleaning Changing Rooms
    • Cleaning Pharmacy & Laboratories (Doctor’s Surgeries and hospitals)

  • Essential Health and Safety Guidance

    • General Site Safety
    • PPE – Personal Protective Equipment
    • Types of PPE
    • Quick Guide to Risk Assessments
    • Be Safe! Your Guide To Preventing Slips
    • Quick Guide To Assessing Slip And Trip Risks In The Workplace
    • Care & Cleaning of Cleaning Equipment
    • Cleaners Cupboard
    • Visual Checks of Electrical Equipment
    • Electrically powered Equipment Safety Guidance
    • Care in the Use of Cleaning Machinery
    • Pressure Washer Safety Guidance
    • Hand Washing: Routine/Low Risk
    • Hand Washing: High Risk
    • Personal Hygiene
    • Laundry Handling & Care

  • Health and Safety Guidance - Chemical Safety

    • Safe use, Handling and Storage of Cleaning Products
    • How to Dilute Cleaning Products (chemicals)
    • Dilution Table
    • Exposure Routes
    • Bleach Safety
    • Product Hazard Symbols

  • Health and Safety Guidance - Physical Safety

    • Guidelines for Safe Manual Handling
    • Guidelines For Work-Related Injuries
    • Work-Related Upper Limb Disorders (WRULDS) & Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
    • Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)
    • Reporting and Recording Incidents
    • Guidelines For Working Overhead
    • Guidelines for Safe Working Practice
    • Ladder Safety
    • Stepladder Safety
    • Good Practice Guidance for Lone Workers
    • Personal Safety Guidelines

  • Health and Safety Guidance - Infection Safety

    • Chain of Infection
    • Colour-Coding
    • Handling Dry and Wet Garbage (General)
    • Handling Hazardous Wastes
    • Handling Blood Contaminated Waste
    • Handling Sharps
    • Accidental Exposure to Blood or Blood-contaminated Substances

  • Good Customer Service

    • It’s All About The Customer
    • First Impressions Count
    • Courtesy and Attitude Matters
    • Doing The Right Thing

  • Good Customer Communication

    • Face-to-Face
    • Nonverbal Communication
    • It’s Ok To Ask Questions
    • Listening

  • Building a Customer Relationship

    • Building Rapport
    • Meeting Customers’ Needs
    • Making Customers Feel Valued
    • Maintaining Ongoing Relationships
    • How To Handle Difficult Customers

  • Security and Confidentiality

    • Uniform & ID
    • Keys and Codes
    • Personal Items
    • Pets

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