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Our skills-based practical cleaning training courses were created and are delivered by industry experts with years of practical experience. Over the years Cleaning Masterclass has successfully delivered in-person and online training to thousands of cleaners and supervisors.

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Practical, Engaging, Interactive & Professional

Our expertise and independence in the cleaning industry is trusted by businesses and organisations both large and small around the world. This enables us to offer you a range of cleaning training services to meet your needs. Explore our range of training services to meet your practical needs.

Online Training

We offer a range of Online Cleaner Training and Live Virtual Training courses you can learn at home, in work or on your phone. Online training is ideal for those that require world-wide, 24 hours 7 days a week availability. Live virtual training is ideal to maximise learning through quick 60 to 120 minute sessions.

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Onsite Training

We offer a range of practical and engaging Onsite Cleaner Training courses focusing on providing your cleaning staff with the skills and knowledge to carry out their job, safely, effectively, and efficiently. Courses run from 3 hours (half a day) to several days in duration depending on course content.


Internal Training

Are you looking to take control of your own training and develop your own training programme that is specific to your needs? We have a wide selection of cleaning instruction cards designed to give practical training guidance to trainers and cleaning staff. Why not combine this with our Trainer-the-Trainer course?

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A complete and unique train-the-trainer course specifically designed for cleaning teams to develop and deliver practical internal training courses to cleaners.


Customised Training

Are you looking to develop your cleaning staff and give them the specific skills to work in your organisation? If so, then our customised (bespoke) training option is the most cost-effective way of achieving it. We can design any course content and deliver it that best suits your needs.

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Advancing cleaning know-how, practical skills and a deeper understanding of the cleaning process

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"I recently started as the head of housekeeping and I inherited a number of serious problems with our cleaners, thank you for providing training and technical help in sorting out these problems."


I just wanted to give you a little feedback from last week. You did a great job of training the cleaners. I’m glad I came across you and decided to work with you. It’s really great how you just knew which areas we would need to cover as a school.


"Rafael has provided support after the training as well, looking over the method statements, suggesting products and assisting with compliance, this has been a great help, ensuring everything we learnt is put into practise properly."


"I am extremely happy with the training and service provided"


You did a thorough job on the day and I felt the way you did the practical training was brilliant and helped reinforce the learning. Additionally, the literature you sent across is fantastic, so comprehensive and relevant to us as a school whilst remaining easy to read, understand and follow. Thank you again.


"This course has given me more insight on the Cleaning process and what's needed along with procedures of doing cleans"


"Thank you for visiting and training my cleaners, they LOVED how you took the time to deliver and helped them improve their cleaning and routines..."


"You helped explain cleaning in a simple and effective way to my cleaners"

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