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Cleaning is a skill

Professional cleaning is a skill that requires a broad knowledge in a wide range of skills, including planning and organisation, surface materials, cleaning techniques and health and safety for chemicals, equipment and site. Untrained cleaners, without this knowledge, pose a risk to themselves, to others, the surface materials, and can contribute to significant wastage of time and cleaning products.

Why training is essential?

Aside from a safety point, training is essential to promote better cleaning practices and standards and can help reduce direct costs through reduced wastage. Training will also bring in new ideas into an organisation. Training is also about introducing new opportunities that could be harnessed and new ways to improve current procedures and thinking.


Run by cleaning experts with experience in a wide range of industries, ‘The Cleaning Masterclass’ online and onsite training courses are the result of 20 + years of experience and on-going research to produce courses fully relevant and up to date with accepted industry practices.

We are not just trainers! Our expertise enables us to advise and create bespoke training courses.



Online and eLearning learning offers tremendous advantages for individuals and companies looking for cleaner training. Each trainee can learn anywhere in the world, at anytime, simply by logging in on a wide range of devices from mobile phones to desktop computers.



On-site training and coaching allows training to be delivered in a focused and practical way, matching the training content with specific cleaning products and equipment, in the specific environment the staff are working in.

Futureclean Assured Systems has the experience and expert capability to deliver a wide range of technical services for your organisation. From Futureclean Assured Systems consultancy services has come the Cleaning Masterclass cleaner training programmes and manuals, so you will get the benefit of our wide expertise as consultants as well as trainers.


Different Services for Different Needs

We offer a very wide range of training and advisory services from individuals to organisations of all sizes, including public sector and charities


On-site Services

We offer the following:

On-site training and coaching

Custom course creation

Auditing of existing training

Practical cleaning skills assessment



A complete train-the-trainer course specifically designed for cleaning teams to develop and deliver practical internal training courses to cleaners.

Online Courses

We offer an ever-expanding range of online and eLearning courses.

We Are Here To Help

Offering you the very best cleaning information services available

We are a very well-regarded independent cleaning consultancy (since 1996) with very wide ranging experience and capabilities in any areas where cleaning is already or is becoming an issue.


Is there no way out for you? Got a few insolvable cleaning problems?  We’ll provide training, technical assistance, procedures and processes (operations documentation), auditing and practical skills assessment, independent expert witness work and much more!


To see what an independent cleaning consultancy can do for you  don’t hesitate to contact us today.


Contact us on:


(UK) 0330 2232 780

(Worldwide) 00 44 330 2232780

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    Certified & Accredited

    • All students will receive a personalised certificate on completion of the Cleaning Masterclass training courses.
    • Each course comes with its own unique certificate.
    • Each certificate comes with a unique certification number.
    See what our students have to say:

    Online Courses

    Our range of professional online training courses

    Cleaning and Infection Control for Home Carers

    Here is a unique course that combines the highest quality training in domestic cleaning with the critical knowledge of infection control and prevention…

    Domestic and Housekeepers Cleaning Training Course

    This course is also perfect for guesthouses, bed and breakfasts, small hotels and holiday homes…

    Cleaning and Infection Control Training Course

    This course teaches you the skills in how to approach infection control and cleaning together…

    Cleaning & Infection Control In General Facilities

    This course is uniquely designed to address two vitally important aspects of cleaning and infection control: routine cleaning and disinfection and whole room decontamination.

    For more courses…


    Manuals to suit aspiring individuals and businesses

    Think Cleaning: Cleaning Change Management

    Is your cleaning failing rapidly? Don’t know how to turn things around? Losing contracts everywhere?

    This manual shows you exactly what to do, in a logical sequence of steps, to turn around even the most failing cleaning system and keep it working well for years to come.

    We have many more manuals! Click through to see more

    Train-the-Trainer Course for Training Cleaners

    The Complete In-house Cleaner Training Solution

    Need to customise in-house training?
    Online and on-site training too inconvenient?

    Our Train-the-Trainer course is a full and complete course developed specifically for the cleaning industry, enabling cleaning team leaders or supervisors to develop and deliver practical training to their cleaners. Not only does this course teach how to create and teach lessons, it also covers how to determine the exact training needs to maximise time and cost-savings.

    For more information about our Train-the-Trainer Course for Training Cleaners

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