On-Site Training & Services

Whether it is for a group of new or existing staff, we can design and deliver a cleaning course that is centred around your exact requirements and based upon your cleaner training needs.



Save £££’s compared to traditional training centres while delivering focused practical staff training to your requirements and to your specific cleaning products and equipment. Each delegate will receive a full workbook and certifcate of attendance.


Course Creation

Drawing on years of experience and expert knowledge in the cleaning industry, the Cleaning Masterclass can create a custom cleaner training course to meet your exact requirements.

Auditing & Training

Needs Assessment

With a vast reservoir of knowledge and experience with which to draw on, we can audit and assess your current training provision and bring it up to date, reflecting new cleaning technologies and methods, new legislation and recommended learning techniques.

Some of the courses we offer

All our courses are modular based and can therefore be tailored to fit your exact skills and time requirements, we do, however, have a number of set courses with which you could develop a tailored course on.

All courses (except train-the-trainer) are typically half a day in length but come with an option of covering a full day.

Essential Cleaning Principles & Practices

A course covering all the essential cleaning principles and practices

Cleaning & Infection Control in General Facilities

A course covering cleaning and infection control in all general areas, like schools, offices, factories and retail

Hospitality and Housekeepers Cleaning Course

A course covering customer-focused quality in cleaning and standards in hospitality and housekeeping

Health & Safety Training for Cleaners & Housekeepers

A wide range of cleaning specific training covering all aspects of health and safety

Cleaning & Infection Control for Primary Care Practices

A course covering cleaning and hygiene practices in primary care practices

Hospital & Healthcare Cleaning Course

A course covering cleaning and infection control practices in medical facilities and hospitals

Professional Kitchen Cleaning Course

An introductory course covering cleaning in professional and commercial kitchens

Hard Floor Cleaning Course

A course covering the safe and effective use of hard floor cleaning techniques

Management, Supervisors and Team-Leaders Courses

Train the Trainer course

A full day's course dedicated to training people into becoming cleaning and hygiene trainers

Quality in Cleaning Course

A course that teaches how to introduce quality and continuous improvement in cleaning operations

Auditor Training & Quality Control in Cleaning

A course that teaches how to establish and audit a cleaning quality control system

Workplace Assessments

A course designed to teach how to assess individuals in their ability to perform a wide range of cleaning tasks

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    How We Are Flexible & Adaptable

    Every organisation is different: staff at varying skill levels and experience, different facilities, equipment and operational requirements – a one-size fits all approach to training will not always work.

    Training Needs

    Customised training to meet your exact needs

    We can customise the training to reflect shortcomings or failing standards (or even dangerous situations) in cleaning and safety. We will then propose a syllabus to emphasise the key points you wish for us to stress during the training session.


    Choose from a preset course or build a custom one

    All the courses are modular with each module typically 1 hour in length. We have preset courses for cleaning in different industries, but why not customise your own course by combining two or more modules


    Your training delivered

    Once the syllabus has been agreed and a date set for the training session to take place, we will create a unique training workbook based on the syllabus. Each person on the course will receive a printed workbook which they can use to make notes during the training session, and to keep for reference afterwards.

    Advice & Support

    You are not left alone afterwards

    Our help we provide to you does not stop when the training session finishes, in most cases the long term work to remedy the original shortcomings starts.


    Some of the areas we offer on-site training in:

    Schools and education facilities

    Offices and administration

    Hospitals and clinical environments




    General cleaning tasks and techniques for all industries

    Industry not featured? Call us!

    • Cleaning & Housekeeping Staff

      • Good Cleaning Practices
      • Health & Safety Basics
      • Safer Sharps handling
      • COSHH for users
      • Electrical Cleaning Equipment Safety
      • Infection Control (prevention and handling)
      • IT and office equipment cleaning
      • Food Safety and Cleaning in Commercial Kitchens

    • Team Leaders & Supervisors

      • Cleaning Practices
      • Work Area Planning & Optimisation
      • COSHH and Risk Assessments
      • Auditing and implementing change
      • Implementing and Assessing Workplace Cleaning Standards
      • Reducing Workplace Hazards
      • Developing & Motivating Cleaning Teams

    How does this benefit the employer?

    No travel and subsistence for employees, reducing the overall cost and time to you

    All employees study and interact together in groups

    Training can be tailored to your own organisations’ exact needs meaning that your staff will get the best possible results

    Practical and classroom-based material delivered by a dedicated experienced trainer

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