Hotels, Holiday Homes and Domestic Properties

Training domestic and housekeepers in quality and customer-focused cleaning 

The entire focus of all domestic cleaning and housekeeping is the customer.

Customer’s expectations, perceptions and experiences are everything. The entire focus is the customer. Whether the customer is a paying guest in a hotel, a resident in accommodation facilities, holiday home, or a homeowner, the customer and their expectations and requirements should always at the forefront in cleaning work.

Customers demand and rightfully expect quality and standards of cleaning and hygiene to match their expectations at a minimum. However, it does not stop there: there is one topic often missed in training and that is adopting continuous improvement in all their working practices to meet and exceed quality in cleaning and cleaning standards. Cleaning is not static, nor should the aim of quality. Quality in cleaning is an all-encompassing philosophy that never ceases, always looking to improve, always focused on the customer.

Housekeeper training in 5 star hotels and luxury accommodation.

What We Offer

Onsite training of domestic cleaning staff

Provision of training materials to internal trainers for inhouse training

Audit and assessment of existing training materials

Onsite or online skills assessments

Whom We Serve

Domestic cleaning companies and agencies

Inhouse domestic cleaners

Housekeepers in private homes

Housekeepers in Super Yachts and luxury apartments

Hotel cleaning

Holiday homes and lets

Home carers

Course Sections Available

  • It’s All About The Customer or Guest – From the very outset it is important to stress the number one most important person is the customer. Every aspect of housekeeping is customer focused and seeks to meet the expectations, needs and experiences of the customer
  • Quality in Cleaning – Quality starts with the customer and understanding their expectations and perceptions. This section introduces the key concepts of quality in cleaning and describes the international 5-stage customer-focused quality model that builds increasing cleaning and presentation standards into every aspect of housekeeping
  • Essential Cleaning Principles & Practices – This section looks at the principles and good practice of cleaning. The central theme in this section is planning for cleaning in order to ensure quality, efficient and consistent cleaning.
  • Essential Housekeeping Practices – This section looks at the crucial time management skills housekeepers need to ensure they use their time efficiently and productively, while maintaining the required standards.
  • Essential Cleaning Techniques – This section looks at the all the practical cleaning techniques that covers all routine cleaning practices.
  • Areas to be Cleaned – This section pulls all the foundational knowledge and skills from the previous sections and outlines the standard operating procedures for each specific area. This section also details the level of service and presentation expected for each area.
  • Principles of Infection Control – For those domestic cleaners and housekeepers providing at-home care, or working in residential homes, this section is an introduction to how infections enter a building, how they spread, and how they infect vulnerable people. This section teaches the importance of controlling the spread of an infection within the working environment, and the importance of good cleaning and hygiene.
  • Deep Cleaning Principles and Practices – This specialist section describes the process of planning, preparing and carrying out deep cleaning practices.
  • Care and Conservation of Antique and Delicate Items & Surfaces – This specialist section describes the specific procedures to care for antique and highly delicate surfaces and items typically found in hi-value and luxury homes.
  • Surface Material Care – This specialist section describes the material nature and care of: Marble and other soft stones, Crystal, Brass, Bronze, Wood, Silver, Glass, Enamel and Chrome. It also describes the procedures to reduce or remove blood, coffee/tea and red wine stains from carpets and upholstery.
  • Health and Safety – Cleaning in domestic environments can be hazardous, so this part gives guidance on the most common physical and chemical health and safety issues. Using cleaning chemicals in the workplace environment can be hazardous, so this part teaches an understanding on the safe use and handling of chemicals.

What We Offer

We can create complete cleaning manuals & plans

We can help with cleaning frequencies and standards

We can help you choose the right cleaning products and equipment (we are independent of all manufacturers)

We can help you develop a continuous learning programme

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