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Cookies are small text files containing various information like search terms, login details or shopping basket contents, but not personal information. Cookies are created when you access this site, or any other site. Every time you access the site the browser send this file to the webserver; you might notice that you don’t need to reenter your user name and password, if you have chosen to be automatically logged in. Also if you have selected items in shopping cart and navigate to other pages within the site, or even to other sites, and then come back the shopping basket sometimes “remembers” your order. Cookies can be used to keep track of your order. This also applies to login details, without cookies you would have to re-enter your user name and password everytime.


Cookies – Security and Privacy issues

Cookies are NOT viruses. They are just plain text files and cannot execute any command on the computer. They cannot spread to other connected systems. However they can be used as a form of spyware, tracking a user’s site to site browsing history and targeting ad’s accordingly; a good antivirus software will detect those types.

Cookies on Cleaningmasterclass.co.uk and .com

The cookies on this website are used to remember the website layout, menu type and theme, which is used to speed up the website. The website features a shopping cart and cookies are used to remember your login details and the products you’ve selected right up to the payment section.

We do not track users for advertisement purposes, we carry no adverts, and we do not track users browser history. 

If you are concerned or have any issues with how cookies are used on this site, please get in contact.

Further Reading

Information about cookies

Useful information about cookies can be found at:

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A guide to behavioural advertising and online privacy has been produced by the internet advertising industry which can be found at

International Chamber of Commerce United Kingdom

Information on the ICC (UK) UK cookie guide can be found on the ICC website section

The Information Commissioner’s Office

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