We’ve tried to make the site and the information contained within as easy to understand, so we’ve prepared a list of answers to frequently asked questions

Delivery Questions

How are the courses/manuals sent to me?

Manuals are delivered as an instant electronic download (via account page or link in email receipt) in PDF form. Courses are delivered through our online training platform, via a web browser.

Do you sell in my country?

Short answer – Yes! We have sold our courses and manuals in many different countries.

General and Website Questions

Who is Cleaningmasterclass?

The websites cleaningmasterclass.co.uk and .com and all information in the cleaner training courses and manuals were written and exclusively owned by Futureclean Assured Systems (www.futurecleansystems.com). Futureclean Systems, part of the Green’s Global Trading Ltd, have many years of experience as both industrial (including janitorial, commercial and high-risk) cleaning contractors and cleaning consultants to major organisations and governmental bodies.


Payment is secured by 256 bit encryption between your computer and the server, also we have no access to or store your card details.

What guarantee do I get?

All information, including all, training courses cleaning business manuals, marketing courses and free information carries our guarantee of accuracy and quality and reliability of information. By buying and/or using the information provided, you are guaranteed to get best practice provided to you through the very detailed knowledge we possess, of the cleaning market, cleaning practices and standards.

Do you use Cookies?

Yes we do! but only to maintain the layout of the website, the contents of your shopping cart and to keep you logged in as you browse the pages of this website – No personal infomation is retained, not even passwords or payment details. For more information, please see: Cleaningmasterclass Cookie Policy

It's only cleaning?

It’s so much more than ‘just cleaning’. Cleaning businesses are a staple source of wealth to a nation’s economy, they provide a constant stream of opportunities, and work that never seems to dry up – cleaning is a skill that must be exercised constantly. Without this constant application of skill, all facilities and organisations would simply grind to a halt. Cleaning, as a skill, is in constant demand, but the techniques must be learnt just like another other skill.

Licence, Returns Policy and Refunds Questions

What licence agreement am I signing up to when I buy a course/manual?

The licence agreement can be view at: Returns Policy and Licence Agreement

In ordinary language, when you purchase a course or a manual you initiate an agreement between ‘Us’ and yourself as an individual. This agreement is non-exclusive and non-transferable, limited to the extent that you cannot resell it for your own financial gain, without prior written arrangement.

Each single purchase of one copy (quantity of one) constitutes as one user licence. Therefore, for more than one person, multiple licences would need to be purchased – we will offer competitively priced bundled multi-user licences.

Returns and Refunds

The returns and refunds policy can be viewed at: Returns Policy and Licence Agreement

Please bear in mind that for obvious reasons it is physically impossible to return an electronic copy of the manuals. However, in return we pledge to you all reasonable support should you have any concerns or problems.

Payment Questions

What are my payment options?

We are happy to accept all credit/debit cards through the trusted Paypal – the industry leading and secure online payment gateway. We are also happy to accept cheques (check) or bank transfer should you wish.

We accept payment from anywhere in the world, even though the price is quoted in pounds sterling.

You will notice during the checkout (Paypal and cheque) that ‘Green’s Global Trading Ltd’ is quoted. As mentioned in the ‘Who Is Cleaningmasterclass?’ question, the group company name is Green’s Global Trading Ltd.

Can I send you a cheque (check) or bank transfer?

Yes! As answered in the question ‘What are my payment options?’, you can pay by cheque (check) or bank transfer. Please select the appropriate option in the ‘Payment Method’.

Why do I need to login/register before buying?

Buying a course or manual shouldn’t be the end of our conversation, we believe it is just the start. All we ask is a few required details: Name, full address, telephone number and username and password; we don’t keep payment details like credit card numbers or passwords on record. Rest assured that your details are safe and we will not sell them on to third parties.

Once registered, your login details will enable you to access the electronic copy of your purchase(s) for a limited time (about a week after payment), edit your details and manage addresses. Simply login and access your customer account through the ‘My Account’ menu option in the ‘Your Account‘ top menu or the ‘Customer Menu‘ at the bottom of any page.

Products/Service Questions

I am a business owner or manager, how can you help?

We offer significant discounts for all bulk orders; discounts are automatically calculated at checkout depending on quantity. We can also help you spread the cost of purchase with our payment plans – simply contact us.

How do I get started?

The basic course, and the course everyone should start with, is the Good Cleaning Practice – Know Your Cleaning Training Course. Throughout this course students are taught to think and adapt the knowledge learnt to their situation, rather than relying on ‘Parrot-fashion’ fixed methods. This skill makes the cleaner far more flexible in how they approach cleaning tasks and how they handle the inevitable problems that arise.


The next series of courses, the GO! Series, are specifically designed and aimed at you and your business and not necessarily in the cleaning industry – the sales and marketing course can be used in any small service business.

What do I get for my money?

You’ll get the backing of many years experience in the cleaning industry, in many different cleaning environments. This knowledge has been condensed into the basic course and in all the other manuals – the information will save you thousands in costly mistakes.

What format do the courses/manuals come in?

All the manuals come in PDF form, ready for instant download or postal delivery on a CD upon payment confirmation. However, some customers have requested the material to be printed in a variety of hard-copy formats; we, as ever, are more than happy to accommodate individual customer requirements.

The courses (except the sales and marketing course at the moment) are completely online.

Please note that orders requesting printed material could take up to 30 days to complete and post, depending on the hard-copy format, number of copies, country posted to and any other requirements.

Please contact us with your requirements, even if the order has already been placed.

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