Cleaning Business Opportunity Packages

Are you thinking of going into business for yourself? Do you want to start your own cleaning business but don’t really know where to begin? Here’s a range of unique cleaning business opportunities to interest anyone looking to start their own business, all ready to go!

We’ve cut down a lot of the risk out of setting up your own cleaning business, and now, we have more and even better options for the entrepreneur!

So if you want a business in the cleaning industry here’s how we can help you get started!

Cleaning Business in a Box

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Click through on the images below to read more about each part of the package. You can download samples of each one too!

Complete Cleaning Business Survival Guide

Complete Sales & Marketing Course

Cleaning Instruction Cards

The ‘Cleaning Business in a Box’ is a complete cleaning business starter package, designed for people with great determination and motivation to succeed in the cleaning industry, even without any formal prior experience.

Why choose this package?

Consider the following choices you have:

You can go it alone if you want to! Here’s what you will face:

  • You have to find customers you need to know where they are and how to get to them. Leaflet drops are usually a waste of time and effort. How will you advertise?.
  • Your cashflow – how much do you need to get and keep those customers?
  • How do you clean for other people? If you don’t know how to clean professionally then you will rapidly lose your customers. Even using their own products and equipment will not bring you success, since you will be expected to know what to do with any cleaning products. Your customers don’t know. You should.
  • How do you handle a commercial cleaning contract? How do you get your money in?
  • How do you handle the cleaners you may need and do you really need many cleaners?
  • How do you sell your cleaning service so that you are the only choice?
  • Are you service minded? You are offering a service. Will you give very good service at all times, even if you get to hate the customer?
  • When do you get rid of a contract or cleaner ? How should you assess contracts and cleaners?
  • Out on your own, you will not get any help or backup when things go wrong – as they inevitably do. If your business fails you probably won’t know how to put it back on the road.
  • It doesn’t matter how much time you have spent in any business in any capacity,  the cleaning business is like no other business anywhere. Unless you have been in it, and thoroughly understand it you will not be able to run it like any other business. Even franchising wont always help you out here, since many franchises are only management franchises. When the worst happens the business owner should always know how to get out of it. Often they don’t.
  • What products and equipment will you need? What are your legal requirements about using and storing these?
  • What about risk assessments and method statements? You will need to know all about these sooner or later.

There is a lot more to running a cleaning business although these are the main reasons why 95% of cleaning businesses fail in their first year. Customers hate bad cleaners and they hate amateurs even more. If you are thinking of setting up a cleaning business you could always look at franchising though?

Are you considering buying a franchise?

Let’s look at what you get with buying a cleaning business franchise and how it compares with ‘Cleaning Business in a Box.

Cleaning Business in a Box

One-off cost – Just £270

No monthly licence fee at all

Complete flexibility in creating and developing your own literature

No restrictive geographic territories

No restrictive licence of business operation

We show you what are available and how to choose the right equipment and products.

Completely practical training

Cleaning Franchise

Medium to high initial start up costs – greater than £2000, often £20,000 or more

Ongoing monthly franchise licence fees and/or percentage of sales fees

Expensive and restrictive marketing literature and trademarks rights

Restrictive geographic territories

Restrictive licence of business operation – franchisor dictates how the business must be run and in what type of cleaning

Often mandated use of cleaning products and equipment (typical of the more expensive franchises), or no information at all on what to use

Training typically limited to management and not the practical side of cleaning

Right, so now you can’t afford a franchise and you are not keen on failure when venturing out on your own, let us show you all the benefits of buying the unique package the Cleaning Business in a Box’ Why should you buy this instead of just not spending any money and set up a cleaning business on the fly? Or belonging to a nice franchise partnership? Here’s why:

  • Everything is written from our own practical experience of running a cleaning business and cleaning consultancy. There is no theory about any part of this package. We want you to be an expert and a professional just like we are!
  • Most general sales and marketing manuals have no idea how to market a cleaning business since the cleaning industry is almost unique in what it does.. Most industries are relatively simple and obvious in their irequirements but cleaning isn’t like that at all. You need to have been in the industry to know exactly what people want and need. You can be assured that what we show you is what actually works..
  • There is no continuous payouts in licence fees so that the money you make is all yours.
  • Earn while you learn! Because we are training you to clean professionally as well as run a cleaning business you can use the information to get your first customers and avoid making those mistakes most beginning cleaning businesses make! You will have everything to hand you need in this package to take you from beginnings to grow your business.
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