People with learning disabilities are often stigmatised, labelled as “slow” or “lazy”, or just simply forgotten and ignored in the workplace. Many adults with learning disabilities were never diagnosed and would often struggle with “traditional” classroom-based workplace training, that is simply not appropriate for them....

Workplace capability assessments – assessing physical capability following illness or injury as part of a return to work process Skills assessment – assessing both physical cleaning skills and techniques and knowledge in cleaning and hygiene practices. Pre training assessments – conducting a training needs analysis to identify...

In these unprecedented times of lockdown by virtue of an infectious agent, cleaning has seemingly taken a step to the side, although that is to be expected as organisations have effectively shut their doors to customers. However, as the restrictions start to ease around the...

Brand new for 2020 is a dedicated course for cleaning and infection control in the hospitality industry. This course is ideal for cleaners who work ‘front of house’ or ‘back of house’ in hotels, restaurants, bars, holiday homes or any tourist hot spot. ...

Our comprehensive cleaning and infection control course is intended for routine and deep cleaning in hospitals and other medical centres, and is based on international guidance from the ‘Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’ (CDC) in the US, the ‘World Health Organisation’ (WHO) and the...

People with learning disabilities often face barriers as they try to enter the workplace, employers are by in large sympathetic, but often a little apprehensive about what to ‘expect’, or how they should ‘handle’ these people. This apprehension is two-pronged: employers are worried that people...

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