After lockdown are you ready for next phase in cleaning?

In these unprecedented times of lockdown by virtue of an infectious agent, cleaning has seemingly taken a step to the side, although that is to be expected as organisations have effectively shut their doors to customers. However, as the restrictions start to ease around the world at different times, good cleaning and infection control is going to be very important, very suddenly. The combination of physical distancing and isolation will have had a significant effect on the transmission rates of the COVID19 virus, the degree of which can be debated for another time. The hope is that once those restrictive measures start to ease and people start to come back to work and socialise in pubs and restaurants, the number of infections will maintain a downward trajectory.

Realistically, the virus will likely pose a risk for the immediate foreseeable future. As businesses start to wind up their operations and customers start to head back to normalcy, managing that period of time when the virus could strike back, routine cleaning and whole room decontamination is going to be the front line attack in this war against the virus. Bear in mind that this battle is both a physical battle against a COVID recontamination and the psychological battle in the minds of customers and staff that have an enviably heightened sense of cleanliness.

Our Cleaning and Infection Control in General Facilities is an online and onsite training course designed to give cleaning staff and supervisors a good foundation of infection control for both routine cleaning and one-off whole room decontamination. This will enable them to maintain good cleaning and hygiene standards on a day-to-day basis, which is essential to for customer confidence, and be able to create and delivery whole room decontamination in the event of an outbreak. Going forward when the COVID19 virus is a distant memory, viruses like nororvirus and bacteria like C. diff, will still be a threat. The same principles taught in this course will still be needed.

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