Practical Cleaning Supervisor Training course

Practical Cleaning Supervisor Training Course

Turning Cleaners into Leaders

A cleaning supervisor plays a critical role in maintaining cleanliness, hygiene and customer presentation in various environments, such as offices, schools, healthcare facilities, hospitality establishments, etc. Their responsibilities encompass overseeing a team of cleaners, ensuring high-quality standards, optimising efficiency, and promoting a safe and healthy environment for both employees and visitors.

The Cleaning Supervisor Training course is a course designed to equip new and experienced cleaning supervisors with the practical skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage cleaning staff and operations and be a leader to influence and promote improvements. This training course covers key areas such as developing safe and effective cleaning operations to meet the requirements of the organisation, effective delegation and team management, cleaning quality control.

Throughout the training, participants will learn about the role and responsibilities of a cleaning supervisor, including effective communication and leadership skills. They will gain skills into planning and scheduling cleaning tasks, assigning and delegating responsibilities, and managing the performance of cleaning staff. The course also focuses on maintaining high cleaning standards through quality control measures, problem-solving techniques, and handling complaints and conflicts.

The training course emphasises safety in cleaning operations, ensuring and promoting a safe working environment. Participants will learn how to create and implement cleaning standard operating procedures to meet the requirements of the organisation. They will also explore strategies to improve productivity and efficiency in cleaning operations.

Training staff is another vital component of the cleaning supervisor’s responsibilities. The training course provides guidance on developing ad hoc and ongoing training courses, delivering both theoretical and practical training sessions, and monitoring trainee progress. Participants will also learn how to encourage ongoing learning for their staff.

By the end of the Cleaning Supervisor Training Course, participants will have the necessary practical skills to manage cleaning teams efficiently, maintain high cleaning standards, ensure safety compliance, motivate staff, train employees effectively, and handle staff conflict.

This course is currently available as an onsite training course, taking 6 hours to complete to up to 10 participants. An online version will be available soon. Please contact us if you want to know more about the onsite and online training options.

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