COSHH training for cleaners

COSHH Training for Cleaners and Housekeepers

We all use cleaning chemicals in various forms in our home, without worrying about safety risks to ourselves and to others; we just don’t give cleaning chemicals a second thought. It is easy to forget that chemicals are important tools that cleaners use for practically all day-to-day and deep cleaning activities. Even if they have been purchased from a supermarket, which many assume are safe, these chemicals must be handled and used safely in line with legal requirements.

Many people think that finding ‘safer’ alternatives like vinegar is the answer, it’s not, it’s just one option. It’s not just the type, strength and concentration of the chemicals and substances used but includes how they are used that informs the overall risk. The way you use a chemical can significantly increase the likelihood of harm

When you work in the professional cleaning industry, the chemicals used are significantly ‘stronger’ and more concentrated, and therefore will likely cause adverse effects to ourselves, other people and to the fabric of surfaces they come in contact with.

Cleaning chemicals are handled and used many times a day, and every day. That work can put the cleaner’s health and other people’s health in the surrounding environment at risk, it may not make itself apparent straight away – it can take months and years to develop chronic health problems. Once problems have started to show, it can be very difficult to treat.

COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) is a UK legal requirement for all employees working with substances hazardous to health, but the standards and the principles are recognised and adopted internationally as chemical safety training.

What we offer you

There are many generic COSHH training courses which cover the understanding of a hazardous standard, assessing the risk of those hazardous substances, reducing risks and controlling exposure, but understanding the principles and applying them to cleaning activities are two different matters.

We offer two practical and completely cleaning-based COSHH training courses, one for supervisors and managers and the other one for cleaners. Supervisors and managers are required to assess the risk of the cleaning chemicals and put into place safe systems of work. Cleaners are required to understand the risks the chemicals pose to themselves and others and know how to safely use them.

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