Essential Health and Safety Training for Cleaning Staff

Keeping Clean and Staying Safe: Essential Health and Safety Training for Cleaning Staff


Health and safety is one of those topics that generates two opposing viewpoints: it’s either unnecessary or it’s vital. Those that consider health and safety as unnecessary do so because ‘they’ve been doing the job for years and never needed to know it’, or, ‘it just gets in the way’. Those that consider it vital do so because they have seen or experienced near misses or incidences. Health and safety may seem trivial, rigid and rule-bound, but the rules and obligations are there to reduce the likelihood of serious harm to you and to others through your actions and actions of those around you. Health and safety is a team game: everyone must take part in order to confer collective protection.

Whether the workplace is an office, school or someone’s home, it is essential for everyone in that workplace that they enjoy a safe and clean environment. In nearly all countries this mandate is enshrined in law with stiff penalties for noncompliance, not to mention the threat of civil action and reputational harm caused.

The sheer weight of this responsibility on the owner or organisation to maintain a safe and clean workplace almost always falls firmly on the cleaning staff, especially on a day-to-day basis.

Cleaning staff play a key role in maintaining hygiene and safety standards and as such cleaning staff must have the knowledge and skills to carry out their duties safely, demonstrating a duty of care for themselves and for everyone that potentially could be harmed. To empower cleaning staff with the knowledge and skills they need to carry out their duties effectively and safely, we have just launched a major update to our comprehensive ‘Introduction to Safe Working Practices’ training course tailored specifically for cleaning staff.

Course Overview & Contents

Our ‘Introduction to Safe Working Practices’ training course is designed to provide cleaning staff with essential knowledge and practical skills to navigate various health and safety challenges encountered in any cleaning industry. The course assumes no prior knowledge or experience in health and safety so it’s good for new staff and beginners to professional cleaning. Whether you’re a seasoned cleaner or new to the field, this course offers valuable insights and actionable strategies to enhance workplace safety and promote a healthy environment for all.

The course is divided into 5 main sections:

  1. What Is At Risk?
    1. The Law: a brief understanding of the law
  2. Principles Of Safe Working Practices
    1. Identifying tasks/activities
    2. Understand and identify the hazards and risks
    3. Risk or hazard?
    4. Common cleaning hazards and risks
    5. Reducing risk: eliminate-replace
    6. Controlling risks: safe working practices
  3. Safe Manual Handling & Working Practices
    1. What is manual handling & safe working practices?
    2. Why is safe manual handling important?
    3. Understanding & identifying the risks of manual handling
    4. Assessing & managing the risk of manual handling ‘5P’s’
    5. Safe working practices
  4. Safe Use And Handling Of Cleaning Products
    1. What is a hazardous substance?
    2. Types of hazardous cleaning substances
    3. Exposure routes
    4. Toxicity: what factors affect your risk?
    5. Health effects of exposure to substances
    6. Identifying hazardous substances
    7. Hazard identification
    8. First aid
  5. Cleaning For Infection Control
    1. Infection control principle
    2. How does an infection spread?
    3. Infection control in routine cleaning
    4. Colour-coding

Course Delivery & Costs

The course is available as an onsite or a live online course with the following average costs (onsite training depends on location and total number of staff to train):

  • Onsite – £600-700 for up to 12 people
  • Live Online – £350 per session
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