Why Cleaner Training Is Important

Cleaning is a critical part of any business, in any industry, either directly or indirectly. It is easy to imagine the repercussions that would follow to health if cleaning was so poor, or stopped altogether, in a hospital; but imagine the repercussions to any other business where cleaning is an indirect service, think about how quickly the physical appearance would deteriorate and how that image would stick in your customers mind. Whilst in this case the poor standard of cleaning would not pose a direct health risk (it could), the financial risk through the loss of customers and damage to the ‘corporate image’ could be substantial, and lasting.

Having established that cleaning is critical then why is it considered such a low priority? Why is training of cleaners (beyond the statutory health and safety training) considered superfluous? We consider it necessary to train prospective employees in a wide range of professions, as a minimum, to give us the reassurance that they are capable of performing the job in a manner that is to be expected. We would expect those people to perform their job in a safe and efficient manner. Equally, we expect cleaners to perform their day-to-day job in a safe and efficient manner, so why do we not look to training cleaners with the same vigor?

Part of the problem is how we view the role of cleaning, its standing in society and the value we attribute to it. As a society we certainly don’t treat cleaning as skill and as such we confine cleaning to a lower status, that is until something goes wrong and all of a sudden cleaning becomes top priority. Once the problem is fixed, cleaning descends back into obscurity until the next problem, and so the cycle repeats itself, from disaster to disaster. Clearly, this cyclical pattern is unacceptable, not to mention costly in the long run, but it also helps to germinate distrust and disenchantment within the cleaning staff.


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