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Here’s how to clean a boat, car, RV, caravan or even light aircraft and make a ton of money at the same time.

You see a boat for sale, cheap, but its filthy! You aren’t sure what you are getting but it really is cheap It needs a good clean though.

You clean it up well, according to this book.

Now your new boat looks so good and you can resell it for a much higher price. You’ve made good money and an excellent profit from just a small amount of effort. You go ahead and repeat the exercise with other boats and you are making very good money – with just a little effort and this book.

You can do exactly the same with caravans, RV’s, or even light aircraft as well as cars. You just need to clean and detail them! This book shows you how! It’s geared towards cleaning boats but the cleaning methods are all the same (of course if it’s a warship or a tank you want to clean – just ask us how. This book won’t tell you).

What’s in the book?

As well as making you money this way, it is also a great business opportunity for anyone living near a caravan park or marina. Of course you can just buy it to keep your own luxury yacht in perfect pristine condition!

So what’s in the book? What will you get for the money?

  • Full professional cleaning information for cleaning a boat of any size or shape (or caravan, RV, light aircraft, don’t forget)
  • This is how the professional boat and car valeters work. In fact your results will be even better than professional!
  • How to care for all the different surface materials you can find on any boat so this book is suitable for, and covers, all hull materials, even concrete and aluminium. It shows how to care and clean everything, even those ultra-expensive racing sails.
  • Mould the biggest problem a boat owner has -treatment and prevention
  • Rust – the other big problem for steel boats and anywhere where rust forms (right down the side of your lovely GRP hull, for example, or on your sails) here’s how to get rid of it.
  • Toilets. Every boat owner’s Big Problem. This book has the answers. Now you can enjoy a sweet smelling atmosphere while cruising under tropical skies.
  • Among much, much more.

Key Features

Indepth Detail

Comprehensive and in-depth content, displayed in a clear format

Clear Warnings & information

Warnings and other key information are clearly laid out where needed

Clear Layout

Simple, clear and easy to follow layout and structure

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