Ron’s Guide To Housework


This 71 page volume of secret strategies for housework is destined for those homeowners who just find themselves up to the neck in housework, dogs and kids – It’s difficult! That dirty floor, that bathroom and oooh that under the kitchen sink. Are you sure that’s not a dead rat under the sink? It smells like it. So the answer to all your housework problems is here. Secret strategies to get the work done quickly and sensibly and get you having a lot of breaks while you do so.

There’s no point in struggling to clean all day long like your mother and grandma did when all you need is a little targeted action, usually when you feel like it, not when other people feel like seeing you doing the work. So join Ron on the great quest to get your house clean.

Note this is not intended for cleaners to use or learn from. Sorry about that. This is only for householders. But if they do well in their house cleaning we’ll welcome them into the cleaning Masterclass fold as trainee cleaners.

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