How to Master Builder’s & Post Construction Cleans


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What’s the most profitable line of cleaning business to be in?

After builders cleaning. Or construction clean – ups. Or builder’s cleaning. Whatever you call it, it’s the best cleaning service market to be in.

Here’s why.

First: what’s “after builders cleaning?” After the builder’s and shopfitters have finished, someone has to clean up to get the site to absolute perfection. So that’s why its called “after builders cleaning” or clean – ups. What ever its called, its very difficult work to get absolutely right but it pays very well indeed when you can.

Just a note to small cleaning businesses and start-up cleaning businesses

Many small cleaning businesses feel they can’t do this sort of work, but now you can with our latest manual and you too can have a long line of builders after your services, just like we did.

There is much more work available, than you can imagine, cleaning up after builders – its not just houses but its factory and building refurbishment, commercial kitchen clean ups, shops: but this needs a particular type of cleaning knowledge and you need to know exactly how to do it. Its not just dusting surfaces. How do you clean windows on building sites when they are caked up with cement and plaster? (hint – read the book and find out!)

What do you do with a brand new commercial kitchen which is covered in dust? Buy the book and read it! Then put it into practice and make yourself a lot of money in the coming months.

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