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The Complete Sales & Marketing Course

The indispensable and unique sales and marketing course for your small service business or cleaning business. These courses are suitable for any small service business. Although examples are given from the cleaning business, the principles can be applied to any small business which has to use sales and marketing to expand or start but doesn’t know where to start. That’s all of us!

The complete sales & Marketing course is made up of three parts:

  • Part 1 – Sales
  • Part 2 – Marketing
  • Part 2 – Customer Care

Part 1 – Sales

The most important part and the life-blood of any business is sales.

Here it is – the Go! Sales and Marketing Course is the sales and marketing course solely designed for cleaning and other small service businesses. You need sales and marketing skills if you want your business to grow and become the best in your area and to be everyone’s first choice, then you need to know how to sell your services. The course addresses problems with real life cleaning business examples, but if you read past that, the same situations and problems are felt by every small service business, regardless of which market they serve. The basic principles are still the same – you have to market and sell to keep your business on the road.

Your whole sales and marketing strategy should be solely devoted to showing how you can solve all their problems, painlessly, effortlessly and valuably. It is never about you or your service.

Having had many a year running a successful cleaning and consultancy business, and having to handle the widest possible types of customer and also some of the worst, we know exactly what the concerns of small service businesses are. Most sales and marketing courses do not cater for these nor do they understand their problems – and those problems are fairly unique.

We think that these courses will solve those problems for you but we have taken them from a different angle than is usual. Here, we will not be looking at theoretical marketing studies, only working through the practical problems you face trying to raise your head above the crowd. And it is a crowd. This is one of the most crowded industries going, probably because a cleaning business is so easy to set up: man, van, tin can (of Pledge). Everyone has a bad cleaner story, even us, and everyone knows how to clean (of course they do, don’t they!).

Key Features

Clear Layout

Simple, clear and easy to follow layout and structure

Detailed and Practical Advice

Comprehensive and in-depth content, displayed in a clear format

Practical Tactics and Actions

Practical ideas and actions you can put to use

Part 2 – Marketing

What really is marketing? How do we do it?

Like quality, marketing is an intangible thing which flows through all aspects of the business. Marketing starts before you start your business and never stops, ever. For cleaning businesses success depends only on the following 3 factors:

  1. How good you and your cleaners are at the job
  2. How efficient and flexible you are in the service you provide
  3. How well your price matches everyone else’s

Number one is the most important and that is the message you have to get over to your prospects. This must be the only industry where a good name can be lost in the space of the time it takes to do one clean and guess what? You never get it back.

To get the customer to pay you for your time and expertise, you need to sell your services to him, but more realistically he has to want to buy your services from you.

You need to understand the background of the raison d’être of cleaning and how it impacts on your sales and marketing efforts.

No other business comes near to a cleaning business for this and that is why most marketing information doesn’t work for cleaning companies. The marketing you will need to do doesn’t cost anything much in terms of hard cash: only efficiency and knowledge.

Now let us really mine the deep well of emotions for a while. We reckon, and have always taken the line that cleaning services should have just about the same level of emotion as air conditioning installations. However, a cleaning business is all about emotions. People like to feel clean and see clean. The emotions rise when people think there is a problem and there always is a problem for someone. As a cleaning business owner you get the problems with their attendant emotions dumped on you all the time and often all in one go, and it is difficult not to get mixed up with them. It’s all emotion you are basically being tasked with getting rid of an emotional situation.

Part 3 – Customer Care

Education, Enthusiasm, Expertise, the ideal attitude to customers and how to deal with difficult customers, just some themes covered in this unit and in an area often over-looked by small businesses.

Do you want your customers to come back?

Key Features

Clear Layout

Simple, clear and easy to follow layout and structure

Numerous Examples

Examples and other key information are clearly laid out where needed

Detailed and Practical Advice

Comprehensive and in-depth content, displayed in a clear format

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