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The Complete Cleaning Business Survival Guide

The complete cleaning business survival guide is made up of two parts:

  • Part 1 – ‘How to set up and run a cleaning business’
  • Part 2 – ‘The three pillars that will ensure your success’

Part 1 is all about how to set up and run your own cleaning business. In the second part of this two part series, we show you how to succeed in your cleaning business, or unfortunately if it’s a failing cleaning business. Starting a cleaning business is easy; survival in the first few years in this industry is the hard part – Part 1 was written to help steer you away from disaster and on to success.

Part 1 – How To Set Up And Run Your Own Cleaning Business

If we could solve your cleaning business start – up and survival problems…would you be interested?

Here’s your very own cleaning business survival guide to keep you from making some very basic but very expensive mistakes which most cleaning businesses make during their first few years:

“How to set up and run your own cleaning business: the cleaning business survival guide”

I want my own cleaning business. How do I start one up so that it is successful? I've heard that 95% of cleaning businesses fail in their first year and of the remainder, 95% fail in their second year!

The “How to set up and run your own cleaning business: the cleaning business survival guide” has been written to help cleaning business start-ups survive their first few years. The failure rate of cleaning businesses is much higher than for most other business start – ups and this is bad for the cleaning industry as a whole – which is worth around £10Billion in the UK alone. So it’s a big global industry and there is plenty of work to go around.

The best of it is that it never goes away. There’s always a need for cleaning services in every country and every cleaning business start-up has exactly the same problems.Get it right and you need never look far for customers. Your business can survive in good times and bad but you can’t do it on your own.

You need “How to set up and run your own cleaning business: the cleaning business survival guide”.

In this, you will learn the exact: and safest way to set up and run a cleaning business. We’ve lowered your chances of business failure right down to the ground!

In this, you will learn the exact: and safest way to set up and run a cleaning business. We’ve lowered your chances of business failure right down to the ground!


  • How to get cleaning contracts
  • How to keep contracts
  • How to get paid and what to do if you can’t get paid
  • How to keep your business going, when times are really hard
  • How to do a proper quality system so that it works for you (and makes better contracts and money for your business)
  • All about a health and safety system: (this you do need to know)
  • And how to do the cleaning: the basic cleaning system explained (many if not all cleaning business start – up failures are down to getting the actual cleaning work wrong, believe it or not!)

We have taken all the guesswork out of the actual starting up of the cleaning business (we’ve been there) and the keeping it going in good times and bad (we certainly know about the bad ones!) So we are giving many of our secrets over to you to benefit from the mistakes we and others we know have made. Still interested?

What’s the alternative?

There’s always a cleaning business franchise It’ll cost you thousands ( £12-15,000 at the last count for some) What do you get? A tie-in contract and you owe them if you fail and that alone will cost you thousands. And there is no guarantee of any contracts and you won’t be able to run your own contracts on the side. So the money you spend could be used better to set up your own cleaning business from scratch

This is not how to start cleaning business franchising but it’s the successful work done before franchising so you could use the book to set up your own cleaning business franchise if you want to, later on, when your cleaning business really starts to pay

Still interested?

Key Features

Clear Layout

Clear Layout

Simple, clear and easy to follow layout and structure
Comprehensive Ideas list

Comprehensive Ideas list

71 ideas for your business sales & marketing
Detailed Warnings & Information

Detailed Warnings & Information

Warnings and other key information are clearly laid out where needed

Part 2 – The Three Pillars That Will Ensure Your Success

How do I turn around my failing cleaning business? My cleaning business is lacking customers, what can I do to improve my business? How do I make my cleaning business pay? I want greater success in my cleaning business? How do I run a success cleaning business? I’ve set up my cleaning business, now what do I do?

All these questions and many more are answered in part two of this cleaning business survival guide.

What does Genghis Khan, the one and only 13th century leader of the largest empire, have to do with how you run your cleaning business? He is credited with being the greatest leader of all time, commanding the largest area known to man – effectively ruling half the world. Genghis Khan didn’t achieve this by accident; mastering strategy and the art of war lead him to victory.

These strategies and the lessons from Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’ are incorporated throughout this manual, and it all starts with three pillars.

The three pillars that will ensure your success:

  • Good Strategy
  • Good Relationships
  • Good Working practices

Think of these three pillars as three mighty pillars holding up your business. Each pillar must be strong to withstand the weight pressing down, but just one pillar, or two, is not enough, you need all three to shore up the foundations of your business. What about money? Can throwing wads of cash ensure success? History is littered with countless examples of failed businesses that were well funded. Money, or great products or services for that matter, without these three pillars is like a rudderless boat uncontrollably heading for the rocks. You get the picture.

This manual takes you through each pillar in detail, giving you plenty of practical help and suggestions on how you can implement what you have just learnt. There is a lot of information in this manual and it isn’t readily understood, or at least in 5 minutes. Some of it you can put in practice straight away, some needs time and some will be on-going over the weeks or months even – take your time – Read and study in short bursts. Go away and do. What you are after is the perfect working system, one which suits you. We give you the ideas and the ways.

Key Features

Detailed Information

Detailed Information

Graphics and photographs used to help you visualise equipment and ideas
Practical Advice

Practical Advice

Practical ideas and actions you can put to use
Key Terms Clearly Laid Out

Key Terms Clearly Laid Out

Warnings and other key information are clearly laid out where needed

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