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What’s the most profitable line of cleaning business to be in?

After builders cleaning. Or construction clean – ups. Or builder’s cleaning. Whatever you call it, it’s the best cleaning service market to be in.

First: what’s “after builders cleaning?” After the builder’s and shopfitters have finished, someone has to clean up to get the site to absolute perfection. So that’s why its called “after builders cleaning” or clean – ups. What ever its called, its very difficult work to get absolutely right but it pays very well indeed when you can.

Just a note to small cleaning businesses and start-up cleaning businesses

Many small cleaning businesses feel they can’t do this sort of work, but now you can with our latest manual and you too can have a long line of builders after your services, just like we did.

There is much more work available, than you can imagine, cleaning up after builders – its not just houses but its factory and building refurbishment, commercial kitchen clean ups, shops: but this needs a particular type of cleaning knowledge and you need to know exactly how to do it. Its not just dusting surfaces. How do you clean windows on building sites when they are caked up with cement and plaster? (hint – read the book and find out!)

What do you do with a brand new commercial kitchen which is covered in dust? Buy the book and read it! Then put it into practice and make yourself a lot of money in the coming months

What’s in the book?

This is one area of cleaning where you really do need to know what you are doing, but when you do you need never look around for work again – it comes to you. You need a variety of skills to be able to do builder’s cleaning but mostly you need to know how to clean to the highest standards possible. After all they want the surfaces looking as if they are untouched by human hands. Not just the surfaces but the whole site. Here are the exact ways to get that site looking brand new. All the secrets of the best cleaning business opportunity going!

Yes it’s difficult work which puts many people off but with our help you can get started in the best cleaning services market there is, and the most profitable as well.

Whats more, you don’t need many people to do the work. Just two of us could clean up to 100,000sq ft. of cleaning after the builders, in a week, on a food factory refurbishment.

So what’s in the book?

  • You’ll learn how to work through any site of any size in the fastest possible way
  • How to clean any surface anywhere including carpet, windows, concrete, stainless steel, stone
  • How to get the site to the highest standards possible, easily and quickly
  • Save time, and use your cleaners to save time for you
If you are a builder or a shopfitter: read on on how to save yourself a ton of money!

We’ve met many builders and shopfitters who need to keep a site clean and do. We’ve met the builders who’ve had a fanatic cleaner with them and we’ve had very little work after them. We’ve seen builders and shopfitters having a bad time with their customers because the site is in a very bad condition. It all costs money. It needn’t cost you if you know how to get the site clean and if you know all the secrets of expert builders cleaning.

Here are all the secrets of getting a site to the highest standards possible

Its not just for cleaners, this book works for builders and shopfitters as well. Cleaning services will be expensive and are sometimes difficult to find so why not set up your own cleaning services business and use your own cleaners? Or use the secrets here to monitor a poor cleaning company? 

Think about it!

Its hard work looking for another cleaning business which has the knowledge to do builders cleaning work without doing any damage to the surfaces you’ve just put in place. Never worry again. This book has all the answers you will ever need. Buy it today and save yourself a ton of money

Book: pages of solid information and only expert information. This is just the information you need and there is no “fluff” It is based around everything you will ever need to know to be a builder’s cleaning expert.

Key Features

Graphic-based illustrations

Graphics and photographs used to help you visualise equipment and ideas

Tables & Charts

Tables, charts and graphics to make complex information easy to understand

Clear Layout

Simple, clear and easy to follow layout and structure

Clear & easy to use reference tables

Large and complex information made simple and easy to read


Part 1

The first part is the background information, how to design and plan the cleaning work. In this line of work you will only have go at getting this right, there is no room for error, so it is absolutely essential to understand the background first.

Part 2

The second part builds on the first part and introduces the very high standards and detailing required to take a building site up to showroom standards.

Part 3

The last part is the all important site safety manual following the highest safety requirement, including site safety that specifically applies to cleaning work.

PS: Is it painful for you at this price? You’ll get information which is not found anywhere else except from us and because we are acknowledged experts at cleaning, we can absolutely guarantee the effectiveness and quality of the information you are about to get. That’s because this is the knowledge we ourselves developed and used over many years and thousands of builder’s cleans in all areas from food factory high risk down to very small phone shops and houses.

This is almost guaranteed work! We value highly the information we are giving you, believe it and we believe you will too, when you get it and put it into practice. We ourselves have made a very good living from builders cleaning over the years and what you get is the fruits of our expertise. It saves you what we think is years of learning (we’ve done all that for you) and you’ll get the cost and much more, of this book back on your first builder’s clean.

PS: More than just a book! It’s a whole course in cleaning with cleaning after builders in mind. In fact we may yet run it as a course in the next few months, since it really is full of information which might just be too much to take in all at once.

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