How to Start a House & Office Cleaning Business


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Do you want to start a house cleaning business or even start a small office cleaning business?

Well look no further!

This area is where most of the regular cleaning work is to be found. Here’s where you have most of your beginning cleaning and for most people this is where it stops. This work can be quite satisfying but there are still things to learn which are missing from many people’s itinerary. Here is where you learn.

Not so much a book more a whole exercise in cleaning tips and hints to get very good at what you do.

This manual covers all the basic ways of house cleaning and office cleaning and includes carpet and window cleaning as well as stripping and sealing vinyl floors. It is not difficult work and we have written it specifically for those who want to set up a house cleaning service business. We’ve all started cleaning businesses in this area. Why not join us and get good at it before you go on to builders cleans and similar, more complex work?

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