Train-the-Trainer Course for Training Cleaners

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Recently Updated! The train-the-trainer course is a full and complete course specifically designed for cleaning team leaders or cleaning supervisors/managers who are looking to develop and deliver practical internal training courses for their cleaners.  The course starts by assuming no previous teaching experience and shapes the student to become a professional trainer. Having a trained trainer in-house is a highly cost effective way to deliver highly specific cleaning staff training, from just a single lesson to one person or an entire training course across the organisation.

This training is ideal for you if:

  • Time allocated for training is inflexible and difficult to schedule
  • Cleaning teams are spread out across different work sites
  • You want to make sure that all your cleaners work to your exact standards
  • You want to introduce new staff quickly and efficiently – Induction training
  • You want to train prospective trainers to teach other staff in completing specific cleaning tasks

Ideal For:

Cleaning companies wanting to train their cleaners

Facility Management companies wanting to train their cleaning staff

In-house cleaning teams (public and private sector)

Charities and Social Enterprise companies looking to train people to improve employability

Large organisations wanting to train their cleaning staff anywhere in the world

Cleaning Franchisors and Franchisee wanting to add cleaner training to their cleaning franchise operations

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Course Structure

Course Delivery

The course comes in four main parts:

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

Explain the role memory plays in the learning process

Explain and demonstrate the way information is retained

Explain and demonstrate with examples the typical learning process (cycle)

Identify the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the two broad trainer types

Describe when to use each trainer type effectively and when to find a balance

Explain the importance of good communication skills

Demonstrate good body language

Identify common barriers students face to learning and examples of how to reduce these barriers to learning

Demonstrate the ability to assess learning needs

Create and deliver a short lesson (practical or theoretical) evidencing all 5 steps of the training cycle

Part 1 - How Do We Learn?

Role of memory in learning, how memory works and retaining memories

Learning Cycle - how everyone learns

Part 2 - Analysing and Designing Training Programmes

The training cycle

Assess and analyse individual and workplace needs

Understanding and developing key competences

Developing Learning Objectives

Design and Develop the Training Program

How to deliver the lesson

Evaluating your teaching and evaluating your students

Part 3 - Understanding Students

Understanding adult learners, their motivation and reluctance to learning

Common barriers to learning

Handling difficult students

Understanding group behaviour

Part 4 - Training Interventions

“Why don’t they do what they are supposed to do?”. Using training as a tool to intervene and correct attitude and behavioural problems

Understanding what influences job performance

How to use training to create a customised action plan


The course is assessed by answering a set of written questions and completing an assignment. The assignment is designed to assess your understanding of creating a practical lesson. It requires the student to submit a written lesson plan with learning objectives and their own assessment criteria for the skill or topic of their choosing.

There are two options to train as a trainer

  • On-site

    • Option of one to three day course
    • Option to include additional cleaner training course
    • Personalised service and one-to-one assessment
    • 12 months after-sales help (email and telephone)

  • Distance Learning

    • Cost effective
    • Study worldwide
    • Tutor support throughout study period
    • Option to include additional online cleaner training courses
    • 12 months after-sales help (email and telephone)

Essential Trainer Guidance

The Train-the-Trainer course teaches someone how to develop and deliver any practical or theoretical lesson, but as an extra help for new trainers we have created a companion document that provides specific and detailed guidance covering all the essential skills cleaners need to be a safe and productive team member.  This guidance covers approximately 95% of all practical cleaning skills used in the workplace.

The essential skills guidance is divided into 3 parts: essential safety guidance, essential cleaning skills and essential cleaning planning skills. All three parts cover virtually all cleaning activities that fall within commercial and domestic cleaning services and general janitorial cleaning.

Essential Knowledge

The essential health and safety knowledge is presented in a clear and concise form

Clear and Concise Knowledge

The essential knowledge is presented in an easy-to-understand form with accompanying graphics

Detailed Guidance

All the essential cleaning and planning skills are presented with learning objectives, key points and assessment criteria

Detailed Lesson Planning

In addition to learning objectives, key points and assessment criteria, detailed lesson planning and preparation is presented with guidance in how to deliver the lesson.

Combine this course with other courses

Train-the-Trainer Packages

Combine the Train-the-Trainer course with other courses and manuals to further increase your capability and knowledge to teach cleaners.

Domestic and Housekeepers

This course is also perfect for domestic cleaning companies, housekeepers, small hotels and holiday homes, where a high standard of cleaning and appearance is expected without question; the lack of good cleaning can ruin the reputation and break the business.

Office, retail and general janitorial cleaning

An introduction in good cleaning practices and promoting the highest standards to cleaning staff working in offices and general facilities.

Cleaning & Infection Control for Primary Care Practices

Cleaner training in cleaning and hygiene in social and residential care homes, nursing homes and retirement homes.

Cleaning & Infection Control in Hospitals

Cleaner training in cleaning and hygiene in hospitals and other medical facilities

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