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The risk of infection – whether it is actual or just the fear of infection – plays a fiercely dominant role in a wide range of industries, everywhere from a local cafe to a large hospital – from ‘farm to fork’. In every one of those industries proper provision for infection control is a legal requirement, but infection control is only considered an isolated practice, whereas infection control and cleaning must go hand-in-hand.

This course teaches you the skills in how to approach infection control and cleaning together, as part of regular cleaning and in more urgent cases that require cleaning and sanitisation techniques.

All your tutors and course developers are all professional cleaners and cleaning consultants with many years (20+ years) of practical and professional cleaning experience in a very wide range of industries.

What You Will Get From The Course

Throughout this course students are taught to think and plan cleaning and infection control, rather than approach the tasks blindly from a set of instructions. This enables the student to take a systematic and professional approach in all aspects, and importantly, a fully integrated approach to cleaning and infection control.

Ideal For:

Individuals coming into the cleaning industry without any prior knowledge of cleaning

Individuals already in the industry wanting to retrain or expand on their training

Cleaning companies wanting to train their cleaners

Facility Management companies wanting to train their cleaning staff

In-house cleaning teams (public and private sector) within the NHS, surgeries, Hospitals, clinics, Veterinary and animal hospitals and healthcare services

Charities and Social Enterprise companies looking after vulnerable people

Large organisations wanting to train their cleaning staff anywhere in the world

Ready To Start?

What will you get from the course?

Clean and sanitise any surface or area, with repeatable confidence

Respond quickly and efficiently to urgent cleaning and sanitising of hazardous wastes and spills

Analyse an area to be cleaned and know the best way to clean it

Work individually or part of a team

Knowledge of the colour-coding system, either to integrate into an existing system or implement a new one

Analyse an area after cleaning and evaluate the quality, and make recommendations for improvement

Work within an existing colour-coded cleaning system, or create a new one

Skills in handling difficult cleaning tasks

Download Syllabus

Course Structure & Syllabus

Understand how to work to and develop an entire cleaning system


The 7 sections of the course are grouped into 4 segments:

  1. Good Cleaning Management – This is how the overall cleaning requirement is controlled to achieve high standards. You need to know the most efficient and fastest way to work in an area and zone cleaning delivers it – but it has to be done correctly or it fails.
  2. Good Cleaning Practice – This section shows you how to correctly use the cleaning techniques
  3. Cleaning and Sanitising Techniques – You need to know what techniques, products and equipment to use, given the circumstances you will find at any one given time.
  4. Finishing the Clean – This section looks at what to do after the clean has finished as part of the quality management system in Good Cleaning Management.

What Else Do I Get?

Flexible solutions and cost effective for everyone, individual to large businesses alike

Our systems are designed to handle the requirements of any organisation – sole trader, business, public sector or charity – with the care and attention to each individual trainee. We understand the uniqueness of everyone’s situation, tell us about your requirements and we will tell you where we can fit in.

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  • Micro Businesses

    • 2 to 5 user accounts
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  • Small Businesses

    • 6 to 20 user accounts
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  • Medium/Large Businesses & Charities

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Certified & Accredited

Where will this take you?

You will receive a personalised certificate (1 per user), each with a unique certification number. The certificate can be validated by simply contacting us.

You will be entitled to use the title of certified Cleaning Masterclass cleaner.

Course Delivery

Completely Online: flexible, convenient and cost effective

The course is delivered through our own custom-built online training centre. Online learning is flexible, convenient and cost effective for the trainee and for companies seeking to train a number of staff members.

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