What are the advantages?

Online cleaner training has many advantages over traditional classroom-based courses. The following are just a handful of the many advantages our cleaner training courses have over traditional classroom courses, making us a step above the rest.

Flexible Time Management

Study in your own time – anytime day or night!

Own Pace

With no time restrictions you can study at your own pace

Rapid implementation

Rapidly apply knowledge learnt to the working environment

Adaptable & Flexible

Courses can be adapted with existing cleaning equipment and products

Rapid Feedback & Reporting

Immediate results and up to date progress reporting

Individual or Business

Suitable for individuals or a business with thousands of cleaners

Cost Effective

No traveling and additional staff costs

Years of Practical Experience

The courses are backed by years of practical cleaning experience

Study Globally

Learn from anywhere around the world
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What are the Benefits?

Individuals and businesses alike share all the same advantages and benefits of our online training centre, even though the needs and goals of businesses are different from individuals. The following are just a few examples of how our system meets those goals and needs.

For Individuals

Own time and pace

Second to location, time constraints for trainees can often rule out traditional classroom training, not to mention the additional travel and accommodation costs. Online training removes these constraints: no additional costs, train at a time to suit the individual or company.

Repeatable Access

You are no longer restricted to one teaching session. Online learning has the benefit of doing away with a specific classroom time, so you can review the material as many times as you wish.

Rapid implementation

Cleaning is a skill that takes time to develop; but it is also a practical skill, and the flexibility and convenience of online learning allows you to apply knowledge learnt rapidly in a practical way.

For Businesses

Cost Effective

Businesses of all sizes are often presented with a combination of high direct and indirect costs for training staff. These costs can be surprisingly large compared to the initial cost outlay for the course: think of travelling and accommodation costs, lost productivity time with staff off site, and many more costs that add up. Online training removes the need for all these costs and efficiently utilises lost staff time.

Rapid Feedback & Results

No more waiting days, even weeks, for results and feedback; now each person can track their own progress in real time, and short quizzes at the end of each section evaluates – in real time – knowledge learnt. If there are any problems, experts are always at hand to provide help and guidance.

Flexible & Adaptable

Maybe you have already invested in a range of cleaning equipment and products and you just need training to complete the package? The courses are flexible and adaptable to be tailored to your equipment and products in use.

…and many more!

Bespoke Training Courses

Our online training system is based on proven cutting edge web technology, making it very flexible and adaptable to the unique needs of businesses.
Why not take advantage of this system to deliver your own needs for a fully trained workforce.

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Study Globally

All our courses and manuals can be accessed anywhere in the world


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Crammed full of practical knowledge that will give you a thorough understanding of all aspects of cleaning, including how to use any products or equipment and any cleaning job anywhere.

Learn our own unique systems, devised and designed by us for our own use on some of the toughest cleaning jobs going – you get the benefit of our knowledge and considerable experience in the field.

All the information in all our courses and manuals are born from years of practical experience in a wide range of industries, cleaning methods and techniques are all tried and tested.

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