Train-The-Trainer Packages

The Complete On-site Cleaner Training Package

Here is a completely new concept designed to deliver highly flexible on-site cleaner training anywhere around the world.

Each package combines a complete cleaner training course with full guidance to trainers on how to organise, plan and deliver that cleaner training course – but it is so much more than that!

Each package is a complete training system that can deliver effective on-site training to any cleaning staff anywhere in the world.

These packages are ideal for you if:

  • Time allocated for training is inflexible and difficult to schedule
  • Cleaning teams are spread out on different work sites
  • You want to make sure that all your cleaners work to the same standards
  • You want to introduce new staff quickly and efficiently – Induction training

Ideal For:

Cleaning companies wanting to train their cleaners

Facility Management companies wanting to train their cleaning staff

In-house cleaning teams (public and private sector)

Charities and Social Enterprise companies looking to train people to improve employability

Large organisations wanting to train their cleaning staff anywhere in the world

Cleaning Franchisors and Franchisee wanting to add cleaner training to their cleaning franchise operations

Want to know what’s in each package?

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What will you get from each package?

Trainer’s Pack

Multi-part trainer guidance document, each part comes with:

Trainer's Course - How to plan and deliver the training, including how to deliver practical training exercises

Objectives and outcomes - Each part comes with clear and achievable targets

Post-training follow up guidance

Assessment criteria - Clear assessment standards with which to grade trainees

Materials required – relevant CIC’s, and facilities needed in order to deliver practical exercises

Lesson outline and plan

Key learning points with activities (practical or theory)

Essential graphics-based Cleaning Information Cards (CIC’s) as required in the course

Attendance & Feedback Forms

Training Matrix - Organise and keep track of the training and progress of all your staff

Learner’s Pack

Workbook - Containing all the key points, activities and step-by-step instructions

Certificates - Branded to your organisation and individual to each of your staff


Get the flexibility to organise training to fit in with your cleaning operations!

Delivering the very best in cleaner training in a brand new concept.

How will this benefit you and your cleaning teams?

  • Delivering standardised training to all your cleaners, even those working in remote locations.
  • Flexible training set-ups to fit in with your cleaning contracts
  • Custom training courses available to suit your contracts

How does this concept work?

Every package is designed for trainers, who could be cleaning supervisors in charge of a team of cleaners, who can then teach these cleaners. The trainers are already ideally positioned to deliver the training. They just need to learn how to teach! Simply train a number of trainers in how to teach and then use the cleaner training course to deliver the training to the cleaners.


Multi-part Trainer Guidance Document

Outcomes & Objectives

Each package comes complete with outcomes and objectives for the course as a whole, and for each part. These set out clear part-by-part learning targets that trainees attain towards the overall course outcomes.

Planning & Guidance

Teaching the trainer how to plan lessons and assess trainees is equally important to cleaner training, so included in each package is extensive guidance to help the trainer plan and deliver the course.

Materials & Facilities

Along with objectives and outcomes for each part of each package, comes with a list of required cleaning techniques, cleaning equipment, demonstration facilities required and an empty box to add your own materials.

Assessment Criteria

Assessment of trainees knowledge and abilities isn’t easy. Included in each package is an extensive yet simple list of required criteria in which the trainer can use to assess their trainees.

Post-Training Guidance

It is vitally important to assess the newly acquired knowledge after the initial training has taken place, this will ensure effectiveness but also highlight any issues. Each package comes with guidance in how to plan and assess this follow-up process.

Lesson Outline & Plan

Each package comes complete with a full lesson outline and plan, with activities and exercises, that the trainer uses to deliver the training.

Cleaning Information Cards


Each card can be customised with your own cleaning equipment, cleaning products (including dilution), PPE and colour-coding as appropriate. Simple enter the details and print.


The cards are graphic-based with accompanying text descriptions to aid understanding. The cards can be printed to any size without any loss of quality in the graphics.

Simple Instructions

Along with graphics, all instructions and guidance given is kept simple and easy to understand, this is useful if english is not the trainees first language.

User Guides


Along with help in planning and guidance for the trainer, the simple user guide includes areas to add notes – this facility is extended throughout the entire package.

Clear Guides

Simple and clear instructions help guide the trainer through the extensive range of cards.

Step-by-Step Guides

Along with clear guides, the user guides come with step-by-step instructions for the trainer in how to teach from the cards.

What is available as a Train-the-Trainer?

Train-the-Trainer Courses

Courses available as a Train-the-Trainer course

Domestic & Housekeepers

Care Homes & Residential

Office, Janitorial & Retail




Certified & Accredited

Where will this take you?


You will receive a unique printed certificate (brilliant white 180gsm card), which will entitle your organisation to use the title of certified Cleaning Masterclass approved training provider.


In addition we offer free electronic (PDF) certificates to all trainees under the authority of the trainer and their organisation. Printed certificates are available on request and are charged at cost (printing and postage).

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