Essential Cleaning Principles & Practices for Cleaners and Housekeepers

Essential Cleaning Principles & Practices for Cleaners and Housekeepers

Effective and Safe Working Practices

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At the core of all cleaning, regardless of the working environment and industry, are the essential cleaning principles and practices – the key cleaning skills every cleaner, new or experienced, is required to be competent in. Sadly, many cleaners are employed or contracted with little or no cleaning skills, even in the hospitality industry where cleaning standards make the difference between good and bad reviews. Cleaners without skills pose a number of risks to the organisation: inefficient and ineffective working practices leading to excessive time wastage and cleaning materials wastage, posing preventable safety risks to others, and poor customer and public image.

Ideal For:

Cleaners employed in all industries

New cleaners

Internal induction training

Cleaning supervisors

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Key Learning Skills

Knowledge of the key risk factors that have a direct and significant impact on an organisation: Appearance, hygiene and safety risks

Essential cleaning planning skills for efficient working

Demonstrate the most appropriate cleaning technique for the surface, safety and hygiene requirements and quality

Essential time management skills to prioritise tasks

Demonstrate the most commonly practiced cleaning techniques

The skills to spot potentially unsafe conditions in working practices, working environment, equipment and situations

Knowledge and understanding of continuous improvement principles for quality and safety

Demonstrate and apply detailed cleaning standards

Create a full room or area cleaning plan

Demonstrate safe working cleaning practices

Training Overview

Understand the risks to reduce costly accidents


The central themes running all the way through this course are planning and quality in all aspects of cleaning. The course promotes and encourages cleaning staff to approach cleaning practices and routines in a structured way, and to encourage the concept of quality in cleaning. To meet these goals the course is divided into two important sections: The Impact of Cleaning and Cleaning Planning.


This course can be combined with other courses to create a custom course, and customised to reflect the specific working environment and to your specific equipment.




Impact of Cleaning

Cleaners and housekeepers are often unaware of the consequences of their actions or inactions and the impact they have on the organisation, its staff, customers and public. It is vitally important for cleaning and housekeeping staff to understand that the standard of cleaning has a direct and significant impact of the successful operation of an organisation. Everyone – staff, customers and the public, must have confidence that you can provide a safe and clean place, no exceptions.


The following topics are covered:

The consequences of a poor appearance and visual standards to staff, customers and the general public

The risks of poor hygiene on infection control

The risk of injury to people from poor or lack of good cleaning practices


Planning for Cleaning

The biggest cause of inconsistent and inefficient cleaning is the lack of a structure for cleaning tasks and an attitude that lacks the drive for self continuous improvement. The key concept of this section is to approach cleaning focused on quality and on the people that use the rooms and surfaces, which could be staff or customers. This section takes students through the entire process of creating working cleaning plans, which by the end they will know what cleaning technique to use, the order of cleaning tasks from start to finish, and the cleaning standards to achieve. This section covers the following topics:

The problems with poor cleaning planning

An understanding of surface materials and the appropriate cleaning technique for that surface

Prioritising cleaning tasks into different cleaning routines according to the impact of cleaning

Detailed cleaning standards to achieve for different rooms and areas

Principles of arranging cleaning tasks in order to maximise efficient working

Cleaning plans for specific rooms as applicable – toilets, bathrooms, showers, kitchens, etc

Self-reviewing for continuous improvement

Good housekeeping practices

Training Delivery

The delivery of training must accommodate the widest reach and most flexible range of situations cleaners and housekeepers work in, so we offer a range of onsite and distance learning delivery options.

Onsite Training is the gold standard option and confers the greatest assessment of learning. An onsite course can be created from a range of modules and specific topics within modules can be emphasised or removed to match the needs of the organisation.

Distance Learning is a cost and time effective option for busy organisations. The full course content, chosen from the list of modules, is presented in a printable workbook for delegates to study. Every delegate is required to submit an answer sheet and assignment for marking.

Certified & Accredited

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You will receive a personalised certificate (1 per user), each with a unique certification number. The certificate can be validated by simply contacting us.

You will be entitled to use the title of certified Cleaning Masterclass cleaner.

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