Domestic and Residential Cleaner Training Course

More in-depth and substantially updated for 2018


This unique online course in domestic and residential cleaning is perfect for guesthouses, bed and breakfasts, small hotels and holiday homes, where a high standard of cleaning and appearance is expected without question; the lack of good cleaning can ruin the reputation and break the business.


If you are cleaning in anywhere else but your own house, you are a professional providing a professional service. You need the professional’s knowledge. In this course our aim is to give you the very best training in how to clean houses to high standards – that is professionally, working to the highest standards – higher at least than most people can achieve.


As a professional in an industry with direct contact with the paying public – your customers – the way you interact with them, from the very first meeting, will determine your success. Customer service is a vital skill to know and practice, you could even say as vital as the cleaning itself.  But it’s much more than being ‘nice’, from the first meeting with the customer, you are the face of the company, a bad impression by the customer tarnishes the company as a whole.

As such we have added an entire section dedicated to good customer service and building that vital long-term customer relationship to develop long term success.

The course is certified and accredited to The Cleaning Masterclass, where all the tutors and course developers are professional cleaners and cleaning consultants with many years (20+ years) of practical and professional cleaning experience in a very wide range of industries.

Ideal For:

Individuals coming into the cleaning industry without any prior knowledge of cleaning

Individuals already in the domestic and carers industry wanting to retrain or expand on their training

Cleaning companies wanting to train their domestic cleaners

Hotels and residential homes wanting to train their cleaning staff

Hostels, Guest Houses and Bed and Breakfast

Charities and Social Enterprise companies looking to train people with basic cleaning skills

Home carers looking after vulnerable and recuperating people

Domestic services for patients at home and home nursing

What will you get from the course?

Knowledge of and a thorough grounding in basic cleaning techniques

Skills in analysing a cleaning task or area to be cleaning and develop a cleaning plan. This skill is particularly useful for unique cleaning situations

Skills in estimating the level of cleaning work for each area and prioritise accordingly

Skills and knowledge in handling difficult cleaning tasks.

Knowledge in understanding the importance of infection control and how cleaning plays a vital role

Skills in cleaning up a range of potentially infectious wastes

The ability to respond quickly and decisively to a sudden and potentially infectious incident

The ability to work safely with electrical and non-electrical cleaning equipment

The skills to spot potentially unsafe electrical cleaning equipment

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  • Micro Businesses

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  • Small Businesses

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  • Medium/Large Businesses & Charities

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Course Structure & Summary

Understand how to work to and develop an entire cleaning system


As much as possible the course features step by step graphic instructions with full explanations as to why the cleaner has to take the steps they do, to make understanding that much easier, so the course is half graphics and half text – based, working around building a simple professional cleaning system just for house and residential cleaning.

The course is divided into 7 main sections, under the following headings:

Part 1 – Basic cleaning information: What to look for at the start of a clean

Part 2 – How to do the work: Planning, dividing an area and starting the clean

Part 3 – Infection control and hazardous waste: Often neglected, but a vital part of preventing the spread of infections

Part 4 – Health and safety: Whether the cleaning work is carried out in someone’s home or a large residential block, the site is considered a workplace.

Part 5 – Good Customer Service: First impressions count! The customer will form an opinion on that first meeting, make sure they form a good opinion

Part 6 – Good Customer Communication: We communicate all the time whether it’s face to face or by our nonverbal body language, matching our attitude and body language with what we say will create a positive experience with our customers

Part 7 – Building a Customer Relationship: Once we have made a good start with our customers, we have to maintain that relationship always with a long-term view.




Basic Cleaning Information

In this section we will show you what to look for, how to ready yourself and what cleaning techniques you will need – all before starting to clean.

Cleaning Information covered:

  • How to plan and organise a clean
  • Wet cleaning
  • Damp cleaning
  • Colour-coding
  • When to change the solution in a bucket
  • Damp cleaning on sensitive surfaces like TV’s, computers, etc
  • Descaling taps, showers, etc

How To Do The Work

The previous section taught how to wet clean, how to clean TV’s and computers, how to use acid to get rid of scale around taps, and in toilets and showers. These are crucial techniques to learn. Now you need to know all about doing the clean and that starts with planning – always plan a clean before you start it.

This section starts with how to plan a clean and how divide an area based on the level of work. Then each of the following areas are discussed in detail:

  • How to clean a bathroom
  • How to clean toilets, sinks and showers
  • How to clean a kitchen
  • How to clean floors
  • How to clean glass, windows and mirrors

Infection Control and Hazardous Waste

This section looks at an often neglected aspect of domestic cleaning, particularly so in larger residential properties – infection control. A sick person will unwittingly leave a trail of infected bodily wastes and it is vital that the cleaner effectively manages and removes the source of infection as quickly as possible.


Health and Safety

This section looks at basic health and safety covering the safe use and handling of cleaning equipment and products.


Good Customer Service

This section looks at one of the most important aspects of customer service – that initial first impression, It counts for everything, get it wrong and you will lose customers.


Good Customer Communication

This section looks at the verbal and non-verbal messages we communicate with our customers.


Building a Customer Relationship

This section looks at what’s needed to maintain a successful long-term relationship with your customer, you have to know how to handle the good and bad situations as they arise.

Certified & Accredited

Where will this take you?

You will receive a personalised certificate (1 per user), each with a unique certification number. The certificate can be validated by simply contacting us.

You will be entitled to use the title of certified Cleaning Masterclass cleaner.

What Else Do I Get?

Flexible solutions and cost effective for everyone, individual to large businesses alike

Our systems are designed to handle the requirements of any organisation – sole trader, business, public sector or charity – with the care and attention to each individual trainee. We understand the uniqueness of everyone’s situation, tell us about your requirements and we will tell you where we can fit in.

Course Delivery

Completely Online: flexible, convenient and cost effective

The course is delivered through our own custom-built online training centre.

Online learning is flexible, convenient and cost effective for the trainee and for companies seeking to train a number of staff members.

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