Cleaning Information Cards – UPDATED – NEW & IMPROVED!

The Cleaning Information Cards (CIC) are a handy set of printable guides, covering all areas of cleaning from window cleaning to cleaning with a floor buffer/scrubber, and Health & Safety in cleaning. Scroll down for a sample and contents list.

Fully Customisable

These cards are fully customisable to your own colour-coding system, your own detergent and dilution and even your choice of equipment. All you do is simply tick the appropriate PPE and colour code tick box, and type in the equipment and detergent you use (including the dilution) in the relevant text boxes. We have also included two extra colour code spaces and their tick boxes should your area/building require them.

Completely Graphic-based

The cleaner training, developed over many years in the industry, is based on easy to understand language and graphics, with each cleaning task broken down to no more than four steps. Each cleaning task is condensed onto a single A4 double-sided card: The front side presents the whole cleaning process graphically in no more than 4 steps and serves a useful reminder to the staff after the initial training, whilst the reverse side presents a more detailed account and serves the initial training.
After many years of trial and research, it was found that this two-sided approach was the most efficient method of training, and maintaining that level of training. All you would have to do is simply add your cleaning product(s) and dilution ratios and equipment to each card. Your client would then add their colour-coding unique to their cleaning system.

Are you tendering to supply cleaning products and equipment?

Have you been asked to participate in a race with other suppliers to supply the cleaning needs to an organisation?

Why not add value to your tender with easy to understand cleaner training, customised to your cleaning products and equipment. Even if you were not tendering for a supply contract at this moment, a fully customised cleaner training would offer an enticing marketing package to your business.

Key Features


  • Health and Safety Guidance

    • How to Use Cleaning Products: Safe Use, Handling and Storage
    • Cleaning chemical hazard symbols (CHIP and GHS)
    • General Site Safety
    • Care & Cleaning of Cleaning Equipment
    • Types of PPE
    • Quick Guide to Assessing Slip and Trip Risks in the Workplace (ERIC)
    • A Guide to Preventing Slips
    • Guidelines for Cleaning Overhead
    • Guidelines for Safe Working Practice
    • Guidelines for Safe Manual Handling
    • Pressure Washer Safety Guidance
    • Visual Checks of Electrical Equipment
    • Electrically powered Equipment Safety Guidance
    • Care in the use of cleaning machinery
    • Hand Washing Procedures for routine, low risk and high risk
    • Guidance for Cleaning and Sanitisation for Infection Control
    • Colour coding
    • Handling blood-contaminated waste
    • Handling hazardous waste
    • Handling Sharps
    • Ladder Safety
    • Stepladder Safety
    • Bleach safety

  • Basic Cleaning 'How to...' Guides

    • Looking after Cleaner’s Cupboard
    • Good Housekeeping practice and principles
    • Why rinsing is essential
    • Principles of Green Cleaning
    • How to Use a Mop and Bucket
    • How to Use a Brush and Floor Squeegee
    • How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner
    • How to Use a Pressure Washer
    • How to Use a Carpet Cleaner
    • Dry Cleaning and Polishing (Microfibre)
    • Damp Cleaning
    • Wet Cleaning
    • Disinfecting a Surface
    • Basic Area Cleaning
    • Basic Machine Floor Buffing
    • Basic Machine Floor Scrubbing
    • Basic Floor Scrubber-Drier
    • Basic Area Cleaning: The Zone
    • Basic Toilet Block Cleaning
    • How To Do a Deep Clean
    • Precision Cleaning

  • Cleaning Techniques by Area & Section Guidance

    • Cleaning Walls
    • Cleaning at Height
    • Cleaning Passageways or Corridors 1
    • Cleaning Passageways or Corridors 2
    • Cleaning Laminated and Wooden Floors
    • Cleaning Ceramic Tiled Floors
    • Stripping and Sealing Floors
    • Cleaning Floor Edges and Corners
    • Cleaning Exterior Floors
    • Cleaning Heavily-Soiled Floors
    • Layering: Removing Soiling in Layers
    • Cleaning Fixtures and Fittings
    • Cleaning Shelves, Tables and other flat surfaces
    • Cleaning Ladders & Metal Staircases
    • Cleaning Stairs
    • Cleaning Stainless Steel (non-polished)
    • Cleaning Flat Windows
    • Cleaning Small-Paned Windows
    • Cleaning Curved Windows
    • Cleaning Antique and Delicate Glass
    • Cleaning Polycarbonates and Other Plastics
    • Cleaning Computers and Telephones
    • Cleaning Pedestal Toilets
    • Cleaning Squat Toilets and Urinals
    • Cleaning Showers & Sinks
    • De-scaling Showerheads, Taps, Edges etc
    • Cleaning Tiled and Waterproof Walls
    • Rust Stain Removal
    • Machinery Cleaning
    • Polishing & Restoring Decorative Metals
    • Cleaning standards for kitchens, toilets and bathrooms, bedrooms and general areas

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