Cleaning and Infection Control for Home Carers

Whether you are a dedicated carer, a loved one, a family member or just a friend, the help you can give to someone in need helps removes a substantial burden of the day-to-day necessities of maintaining a home.

Their needs could be minor or rather more complex, they could be recovering from an operation (post-operative) which limits their mobility, or because of age they are finding the day-to-day activities increasingly more arduous. But because of a range of factors, both physical and medical, their capacity to fight infections has diminished, so domestic cleaning must be two-fold: the highest cleaning standard and infection control minded.

The cleaning and infection control steps taken in the home to protect vulnerable people from infections are a major part in the quality of care provided. Infections acquired can have serious, and in some case, life-threatening, implications to both the patient and to the carer.

Here is a unique course that combines the highest quality training in domestic cleaning with the critical knowledge of infection control and prevention.  These two areas of study together will enable someone to clean a home or residence to the highest standard and reduce the likelihood transmitting an infection to a vulnerable person.


Part 1

Basic Cleaning Information

  • Stage 1 – LOOK
  • Stage 2 – Zone Cleaning
  • Stage 2 – Colour-coding
  • Cleaning Techniques:
  • Wet Cleaning By Hand
  • Damp Cleaning by Hand
  • Wet Cleaning on Floors (mopping)
  • Vacuum and Carpet Cleaning
  • De-scaling
  • Disinfecting a Surface
  • Review

Part 2

How To Clean The Easy Way

  • Introduction
  • Basic Domestic Room Cleaning Plan
  • TV’s and Computer Cleaning
  • Bathroom and Washroom Cleaning Plan
  • Toilets, Sinks and Showers
  • Domestic Kitchen Cleaning Plan
  • Glass and Window Cleaning

Part 3

Cleaning for Infection Control

  • Introduction to the Principles of Infection Control in Homes
  • What is a Disinfectant or a Sanitiser and how do we use them?
  • Chain of Infection – How an infection spreads
  • What Is Hazardous Waste
  • Personal Hygiene and Safety
  • Hand Washing
  • Handling Hazardous and Blood-Contaminated Waste
  • Sharps Management – Accidental Exposure to Blood or Blood-Contaminated Substances
  • Handling of Linen
  • Patient Room Cleaning Plan

Part 4

Health and Safety

  • Health and Safety Introduction
  • Safe Use and Handling of Cleaning Products
  • Cleaning Equipment Introduction
  • Visual Checks of Electrical Equipment
  • Electrically powered Equipment Safety Guidance
  • Care in the Use of Cleaning Machinery
  • General Site Safety