Why Choose Us to Train Your Staff?

Flexible, online training for your staff

Business Solutions

Whether you are a micro business with maybe only 2 or 3 people, a small to medium business that is expanding, or a large cleaning business employing hundreds, or a public sector organisation, our cleaner training courses are structured to be as flexible to your needs as you require.


Our online training platform is designed to allow any number of your staff train, at a time convenient to you, each learning independently.


In addition to the advantages and benefits our online training system offers, we offer the following to all organisations – regardless of size:

Expert Help & Advice

All our courses come with 6 months of access to the training materials and expert help and support to help you understand and implement what you have learnt. You will not be left to fend for yourself once you’ve finished, unlike more traditional training.

Please note that the help we give is limited to the materials on the course.

Supervisor Role

As a business you will likely want your staff trained under the oversight of a supervisor or manager. Our online training platform allows a nominated person to oversee the activity and progress of their staff directly and in real time from the platform.

In an instant you can monitor the progress of every staff member on a single page, see where they are in the course and what scores they are achieving in the quizzes.


With a single licence agreement with your organisation you can train any number of your staff (up to the number limit agreed), at any time and in any way (blocks of users) that is convenient to you.

Single Licence

Adopting a single licence model helps you budget your training needs by presenting you with an agreed fixed price for your organisation – with no additional fees on top. The licence can cover one course or several courses and hundreds of staff, even developing and hosting a bespoke course (optional, see below).

Payment Plans

We understand that paying out in one lump can be problematic for budgeting, so our payment plans are flexible to help you plan during the life of the licence. All licence agreements come with a payment plan agreed to by yourselves, taking into account your needs.

Additional Services

Unique and Bespoke solutions for You

Course Development & Hosting

Why not use our online training platform to host a course that is unique to you? Maybe you have invested in a cleaning system and need to provide training to your staff, we can help you. We can create a bespoke training course, designed exclusively for you, and host it on your platform. All course materials and user accounts are protected and secured from unauthorised access.

Read more about our bespoke course development service

Existing Training Auditing

Maybe you already have a cleaner training programme in place but wonder if it meets your requirements now and into the future? We can help you by providing an audit (gap analysis) and make recommendations.

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