Bespoke and Customised Training Courses

Our own online training system is based on cutting edge web-based technology, making it very flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of businesses. Why not take advantage of this system to deliver your training needs to your staff?

Course Development & Customisation

We can adapt an existing course or create and develop a fully customised training course. We offer the following:

Online on our fully customised training platform

Offline course support materials (workbooks and course notes)

Full trainee assessment and reporting

Fully certificated and accredited

Our training platform allows a supervisor to track the progress and grades of all their students


All access to courses are restricted by individual usernames and passwords. Individual courses are further secured by a unique security code, and kept out of sight from unapproved people.


Once your course is live and active amongst your students, we don’t stop there. We will provide continued admin support to ensure the smooth running of the course and problem-free learning for your students.


The training platform and course content can be accessed across a large range of computers, tablets and even smart mobile phones.

Flexible Course Content

Text & Tables


Video & Multimedia

Example of Custom Course Development

Online learning doesn’t have to be dull. The following is just one example of an introduction course we created for the luxury hospitality market.

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